3rd Grade

conner prairie 299As I mentioned in the previous post I have been planning out 3rd grade for Miss Sky. This is one of the turning points in a child’s spiritual development. They begin to grow out of that dreaminess of a child and their eyes begin to open to the world. That is why Old Testament stories play such a big part in the 3rd grade lesson blocks. They feel like Adam and Eve leaving paradise. This has been so true while Sky will not be nine till October she most certainly is in the change. One minute she is playing the baby with little sis being mama and the next minute acting like she is the boss of everyone. Very emotional , new fears , and having sleep issues. I liked the example that at 9 they are standing at the threshold of adolescence wanting to move forward but yet still wanting to keep one foot planted in childhood. Being left with the “now what ” that is where the practical life skills comes in to play. Farming, Housing, Clothing and Cooking.  This I am most looking forward to and have some great field trips planned to a dairy and a bee farm and a sheep to shaw yarn shop. Papa is all ready with his woodworking projects including a Sukkah for when we celebrate Sukkot. The girls already have their gardens  ready and enjoying what summer has to offer( my favorite season). That just leaves math which moves right along the lines of housebuilding ( linear measurement) and baking (dry and liquid measurement) and Native American tales and legends. With the Battle of Tippecanoe being fought right here in Indiana by future president William Henry Harrison and Tecumseh I thought we would take a picnic , hike of the battle grounds where the war was fought. We also have a great Native American art museum near by. We had a lot of fun with last years lessons blocks but I have to admit 3rd grades journey seems to be another fun filled school year.


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