Daily Rhythm

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After yesterdays post I thought I would write down an example of our daily rhythm then go more in depth with future posts. Here is an example of a typical Tuesday’s rhythm in our home. I always wake up an hour before the family for meditation, prayer, and shower. This is my time to gather my thoughts for the day. I set my goal to start with at least 15 minutes of yoga. Them move into a quiet meditation of what needs to be done as far as meals, chores, and school work. Tuesdays chores consist of washing the sheets, making the starter dough for our bread baking day tomorrow, cleaning the bathroom, and bath night. I always end with a prayer of gratitude. I then shower , “wake the house up”( a daily transition I will explain in another post), and start on breakfast and have lunch planned. The rest of the family is usually waking up by now. The Little’s have their daily chores. Being sheet washing day they strip their bed, get dressed, and comb their hair. Sky helps little sis. It’s little Sis’s  job to set the table(plates , glasses, napkins etc. all set out for her to grab) and Sky pours the juice. After breakfast is clean up which Sky helps clear the table and helps wash the dishes. Now we transition into circle time. We light the morning candle, have family prayer, and sing. Each child switches off blowing out the morning then evening candle to save from arguments. This transitions into bean bag math for Sky then we move into our main lesson. After this we break for lunch for about an hour and have some outside time keeping with the ” in breath , out breath” rhythmic flow of the day. We then settle in for story time and handwork switching off Sky reads while I do handwork then she does handwork while I read. Little sis has “handwork” set out and plays quietly. Tuesday’s is modeling day with beeswax. We then say our closing verse and our school day is through. It’s free play time till dinner. After dinner clean up it’s more free play then we transition into our evening chores. Putting the house and our toys to bed. I clean the bathroom getting the kids ready for their bath. I use baking soda and vinegar to clean our bathroom so no worries about nasty chemicals. Then we light the evening candle for story time and say our evening verse before blowing the candle out.Then it’s off to bed the Little’s go into fresh clean sheets. We say prayer and aah quiet time for papa and mama. I read e-mails check out my favorite blogs then end my day by filling my spiritual cup with scripture. Man no wonder I feel tired at the end of the day. I am worn out just typing it.


2 Responses to “Daily Rhythm”

  1. erin Says:

    Thanks you for sharing this, I am really enjoying reading your blog & getting a lot out of it!

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