So What Is Rhythm?

childrens museum 138Well to answer that we must first look to nature for the answer. The way the sun rises and then sets. How day turns into night. How summer will soon  be fall. Rhythm is the natural flow of things. I like to use the example of siting quietly for about a minute ,close your eyes and take notice of your breath.  How it just flows in and out like waves of the ocean. That is a natural rhythm. This is how our day should be structured.  Before modern technology people use to rely on nature for their living. In fact all of nature has not changed just us. The sad thing though is rhythm is very much needed today to give children the sense of security they so need. So how does one to begin to establish a natural rhythm?  To begin it seems so overwhelming that one doesn’t quite know where to start. Start small by setting regular meal times them work on bedtimes. Just by maintaining these two things you will begin to see a change.  Every families rhythm will be different remember it has to flow naturally. Our families rhythm is different then others.  For example Waldorf Education stress very strongly the importance of sleep. Children between the ages of 1 -5 should be in bed by 7 p.m. adding a half hour later as children get older. The early bedtime does not work for our family. Papa keeps different hours giving our days a completely different flow but it is still the same day after day. After you have meal and bedtimes down start   keeping a  journal of  your days asking your self how your current rhythm is working ?Are you frenzied trying to do to much in one day?Are we as  parents getting enough rest? Are you getting any quiet time for yourself.  Time alone with your loved one? How about exercise and your diet? How is YOUR socialization? What are you reading to inspire you? What about your home do you have to much clutter?   Are you leaving time for your chores?   Then start writing down things you want to change and set a plan little by little to do it. Remember change does not happen overnight. Once you start working on your inner self you can start setting up your faimilies weekly then daily rhythms. This journey always comes back to us.


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