This is the Way We Make Our Bread

 Wednesday for us is our baking day. The Little’s and I bake bread together and pick whatever else suits their fancy that day. All my talk about rhythm got me thinking how making bread has its own rhythmic flow.  At first I thought I was adding more work to myself by taking on “one more” task on top of everything else I have to do.  I mean I know homemade bread is cheaper , better tasting , and better for you all the way round but it takes HOURS to make. Let  rise, knead, rise, bake come on I have stuff to do. How could I take on the title of “Waldorf” and not make my own bread. I have never been one to run away form a challenge so I gave it a try I mean who said I could never buy store bread again. Guess what? Come to find out I like it. It’s not as time consuming as I thought and there is just something magical about making it. “Grown ups” play dough. It’s very therapeutic and really fits right into our day. The recipe I use from Feeding The Whole Family cookbook  has you make the starter dough the night before. Then after breakfast the Little’s and I prepare the dough for it’s first rest this takes 2 hours just perfect for circle time and main lesson. Before our lunch /break we get the dough ready for it’s second rest and let it bake while we read. School is done and so is the bread. There is something so comforting in the aroma that brings back memories from long ago. Nourishment not just for the body but for the soul with all 4 of natures elements baked right into each slice. So guess who is not buying store bread after all.


conner prairie 236


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