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Day One of Third Grade

August 31, 2009

Wow I know I planned it out but I still can’t believe my little girl is in third grade already. I started my day with yoga and took some extra time meditating how I wanted the day to flow. I made pancakes and everybody worked together to get all our morning chores done. It was then time for circle. I learned to play a bird call on my pennywhistle for transition and Miss Sky gets to light the morning candle this year. Then we sang We’ll All Join In A Circle and had our prayer as a family. We sang our morning songs Good morning Dear Earth, and Buenos Dias. Papa took his leave and The Little’s and I continued with our verses I Can Turn Myself , The Stork ( found on page 6), and Circle March. Then we sang I Wake Myself, and Chip Chop. For this month we will sing The Ants Go Marching, and Oats, Peas ,Beans, and Barley Grow with Way Up High in the Apple Tree as our finger play. We finished up with some tongue twisters.

We started our first lesson with the pennywhistle. I focused on teaching Miss Sky the proper way it’s held  ,  and practiced the notes C, B, A, G. We ended circle time by blowing out the candle.

We transition into beanbag by playing a game of tossing the beanbag into a basket with our feet like the game horse. Them Miss Sky and I worked on her multiplication and division facts.

We started our first block of Old Testament stories starting with The Creation. I already changed the resource I was going to use. After two days of reading the story to myself it was so lifeless I couldn’t bear it. Luckily I found a resource on I like much better

 Today is day one in our three day rhythm so I just told her the story then gave Sky her spelling words from the story to copy. They are :
















We clapped then stomped out the letters of each word. We had our first grammar lesson. I am using this resource Miss Sky copied her noun picture in a grammar lesson book. I made garden pizza for lunch and we had break.

For storytime this week I am finishing up Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Sky is reading #4 Of the Cul-De-Sac Kids series. For handwork we started working on Christmas presents for Aunt Laura and Uncle John (hope you like them 🙂 ).Monday is painting day but this week we are painting the creation story adding to our painting each day as I read day by day from the King James Bible. We finished up school with the verse There Lives in Me An Image. Things flowed just how I pictured during meditation. It’s always nice when the day plays out like that. Now for tomorrow.



What Does “Simply Living” Mean to Me

August 28, 2009

There was a great post over at  Simple Green and Frugal about What is *your* Simple Life that really got me thinking. Papa and I started on our journey to “simply” live a few years ago. I should say we started our journey together papa has always been what you would call now “green”  it took me longer to finally come around.  I guess I just needed that smack up side the head to finally open my eyes. To really step back and see as a society where we are heading. To be surrounded by materialism, to see people work themselves into a endless pit of debt for big houses or fancy cars .  Sacrificing  relationships or even dreams you once had . To miss out on the true riches of parenthood never to get moments back. Well I had enough ,I mean really how much does a person truly need?  I want my girls to know exactly how or where their “stuff” came 520  To know when we sit down to eat a meal not just where their food came from but the people that helped bring it to us. That toys don’t come from machines or selves in the store but from an actual persons hands.  

kids 534

conner prairie 263That God put “us ” in charge of taking care of his beautiful 472To learn that people are more important then possessions. To learn that God has already provided everything that we need.

Many blessings to all for a great weekend.

Sky’s Penny Whistle Case

August 27, 2009

We couldn’t be more excited to start learning to play our penny whistles this year. Miss Sky’s first handwork project of the year was to make a case out of wool felt for her penny whistle. childrens museum 238Sky picked out the colors she wanted and got straight to work. childrens museum 239childrens museum 240I was really excited to find Jodie’s blog Since I don’t know how to read music I really pondered how I was going to teach her the recorder.  I really am impressed with her curriculum. Not just a music book but it came with 2 DVDs to help teach me as well. I also like the penny whistles themselves and being made in the U.S.A. didn’t hurt the sale.  I think Papa is a little excited to learn as well, he made sure I was ordering him one too. Miss Sky finished her case.childrens museum 245So I guess all that is left is me teaching her how to play.

childrens museum 246

Scenes Today from the Old Schoolhouse

August 26, 2009

I still can’t believe it’s that time of year again. I always look at each upcoming season as “This one is by far my favorite”. There are so many preparations to look forward to. I could not wait for the blueberries to ripen fast enough and now I am really excited about apple pie. There is just something about fall that makes all the hard work so worthwhile. childrens museum 248I can smell the scent of wood burning with each swing of Papa’s ax. The sound of crackles and pops coming from the stove. The flickering flames that dance all around us as we snuggle up together in the dark.childrens museum 252

I know tonight each one of us will be crawling for the bed a little earlier with aching muscles from the days work.childrens museum 247

But our dreams will be filled with what is yet to come.

I Finally Made One

August 25, 2009

So it’s been on my to do list for awhile but with Michaelmas swiftly approaching I thought now was the time to finally try it.childrens museum 237Please keep in mind this is my first try. There is another one in progress. I have learned to make everything the same. If one is altered in any way there will be arguments. Any how it is so hard to believe it is that time already to start thinking about Fall. I am still puzzled as to where Summer went. I thought I would share some links of Michaelmas stories I use. This is our circle time along with Miss Sky’s memory verses from Revelation 12:7 and Luke 10:18. Papa made wooden swords and we will make our shields from here .I also like to tell this story before we make dragon bread starting on page 3. I also tell the story of St. George. I found a good one at The girls have been busy preparing too.childrens museum 236childrens museum 233

I sure hope they like my crowns.

Making Main Lesson Books

August 24, 2009

I thought I would post a tutorial for making MLB. Papa supplies us with all the white paper we want so we work with what we have.  I first take a piece of poster board.childrens museum 223This will make two 12×9 MLB’s . This size has always worked best for us.  I fold this in half.childrens museum 226Then fold in half again childrens museum 227

Then cut right down the middle where the last fold was.childrens museum 228Then take about 30 sheets of 11×8.5 inch paper and center it up with the poster board you just cut. I use multipurpose paper and have never had any problems with beeswax crayons.childrens museum 229I like to take two clothes pins and clip the open sides to hold the pages together while I hammer about 10 holes down the closed side.childrens museum 213Now it’s time to stitch the holes up with some yarn and a needle to bind the pages together.childrens museum 225Knot off both ends and your MLB is done.childrens museum 219These are fun to make in all different sizes for made up stories, notebooks, journals etc. Our Little Nature Nest has two great tutorials on her blog for MLB’s as well.

Knowledge Needs Time

August 21, 2009

“The seeds of reverence sown in the Kindergarten and early elementary grades yield fruits that may ripen much later in life.” I don’t really know the source where this is from but it was shown to me yesterday.  There are so many reasons I was drawn to Waldorf Education but educating from the inside out really speaks to me on many levels. Yesterday was a heavy scheduled day. Thursdays is our day off for errands and on top of that we had a play date. I have been noticing Little Sis has taken to the habit of fibbing a lot lately. She is 3 turning 4 in November. Knowing that lecturing at this age is pointless I came up with a story I’ve been telling at bedtime about a girl and a web of lies and how the web got so big she got caught . Well I have noticed she hasn’t been fibbing as much but it was Miss Sky that surprised me yesterday. Well for starters at the store they have one of those horses that you put change into and it moves. Sky used her allowance to buy gum and received change back enough for her and Little Sis to ride the horse . She let Little Sis ride first and it was time for us to leave Miss Sky said you know what I really am getting to big for this and gave her change to another little girl she saw getting ready to leave.  My heart swelled up in my chest and as we were leaving she said Mom did you see the look on that little girls face. I said it felt good didn’t it to make someones day? It was then home to put the groceries away, eat lunch and off to our play date. We had a lot of fun socializing with friends and on the way home Miss Sky said mom guess what?  While you were talking the kids sneaked in the kitchen and got a snack ( they were told no when asked) and told me to grab one and come upstairs. You know what I told them that if we did that it would be like lying and I didn’t want to end up stuck in a web like the little girl in the story. I had a grin form ear to ear all the way home. My story had took root and bore the most beautiful fruit even if it was not meant for her. I am so proud of the little girl blossoming in front of me and know there will be bumps along the way but it sure fills good right now.

A New Member

August 21, 2009

I don’t know what the heck I was thinking 1 week before the start of school but somehow I was talked into it.  Introducing our new member.

childrens museum 189

Harvey (as in Jimmy Stewart’s movie). Our 11 week old baby. What was it I said about needing spontaneity. Nothing like adding a puppy to stir things up.childrens museum 202Well HE seems to be adjusting to his new home well. I’m the one feeling a little sleep deprived. childrens museum 191Yes ,I think I’ll keep him.

Story Resources

August 19, 2009

I thought with all the talk of fairy tells I would list a few resources for stories I have used or are using.  Also to add my two cents to a topic that was well debated on both sides the first grade curriculum says fairy tales form around the world not just Grimm’s. Sometimes another story would work better and that is the point we are trying to reach. So here are some sites with wonderful stories. I have mentioned ,,

I also love this book Best Known and Best Loved Tales from Around the World A Child’s Book of Stories Illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith. Found it at goodwill for $1.00 it’s 500 pages of all the unabridged stories and fables you really need.

For 2nd grade Fables

Anyway hope this can be useful to someone.

Preparing for Storytelling

August 19, 2009

The days of starting school are closing in.  It’s time for me to start focusing on Miss Sky’s Old Testament stories.  This block I think will be easier then others being I am pretty familiar with these stories.  It’s telling them while I “eliminate as far as possible my personal self”. Trying not to persuade with my feelings toward the subject. I think sometimes we spend so much time trying to prove “truth” when we forget truth comes from within each individual. We need to evaluate where our children are at in their spiritual evolution in order to reach their soul.My temperament makes this hard. My mom always said I should go into law school because I could persuade her into what my punishments should be. That’s how I met papa , debating him on a topic on my second day of work. Things haven’t changed in that department we just agree to disagree on somethings. I wonder where Miss Sky gets her spunk? Anyway this means deeper Inner work on my part. I really have to focus on Sky’s temperament and bring the story from her angle. Miss Sky is a very saguine child so I have to put myself in her shoes, hard for a choleric to do. So what are some things we can do to better prepare ourselves?  Well three day rhythm doesn’t just work on children it can be good for us as well. You can start reading the story three days prior to telling the story. This works out well because I tell a new story on Monday with Friday as a catch up day. So I can put the present story to rest and start on a new one.  Reading a story first can help us work out any conflicts we may have and find out why. Stories work on our subconscious as well as our child’s. There has been a lot of parents having conflicts recently on the e- list about fairy tales. Something I have found out on my journey is Waldorf is just as much for me as my child and to really meditate on why a story is bugging me.  Once we can get past the barrier it’s much easier to bring a story to our children.  It’s also important not to give away the moral of a story but to let their subconscious work it out. Even if you are reading a story instead of telling one it’s good to familiarize yourself  before hand so no surprises arise. I know from here the stories will get more intense so I am just trying to prepare myself for when it does.