Children and Chores

childrens museum 159One of the reasons our families rhythm tends to flow so smoothly is the fact that each one of us are on the same page.  Something by the way that didn’t happen overnight. The understanding amongst each family member that it takes all of us working together to run our household. I feel this is where all the work to establish our  rhythm has really payed off.  Breaking down each task that needs to be done to keep the home in presentable shape. Making  lists you will soon find out is a favorite thing of mine to do. Sitting down to list everything that needs to be done weekly, monthly , and yearly to keep our home running smoothly. This would most diffidently be the next step on your Waldorf Journey. Once I have made my lists (another binder by the way :)) I start plugging in who would best be up for the job. Now I love being grounded with nature but cutting grass has never been my favorite chore. Luckily papa volunteered for the job . Ask yourself what am I doing that one of my children could do?  Then look at your weekly plans.  Start plugging chores in days the best fits your family. Monday is our “big” wash day with smaller loads the rest of the week. Tuesday I wash sheets and clean the bathroom etc. This is one time I have been thankful for Miss Sky’s new nine year transformation. Her list of what she is capable of has grown. I will give examples of what as of now she is in charge of. First Sky knows to get dressed and ready for the day and helps helps little Sis get dressed and when allowed to combs her hair. This runs a lot smoother when clothes are already waiting for them upon waking up. Miss Sky is also in-charge of the “upkeep” of their bedroom making sure the bed is made and everything is picked up and put where it needs to be. Mondays she knows to start separating laundry ,with the aid of Little Sis who has learned her colors, and to get the first load going while I am cooking breakfast. Sky is in-charge of hanging her clothes to dry, she has her own line, and putting them away. She is in charge of getting drinks, cleaning off the table and helping with washing the dishes at least once  a day. Little Sis sets the table for meals ( I have everything on the table waiting for her).  Tuesdays Sky knows to strip her sheets and  to get them started in the washer. The rest of the week follows the same flow.  The Little’s can dust , sweep , pull weeds ,and even stack wood. I am hoping by the end of third grade Miss Sky will be able to cook one meal a week as well.  There once was a time when children had more responsibility working on the farm. Our generation has some how moved away from giving children responsibility. It amazes me to see that Waldorf  Education saw that this was just as important as academics. That it trained the child to grow up to be a more responsible adult.  It has taken our family awhile to get where we are now. We have also experienced as a family what it feels like when things don’t run smoothly. It takes a” family” commitment to stay on track. No one said the path we choose would be an easy one but the payoff is so worth it.


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