We’ll All Join In A Circle

I will admit that when starting with Waldorf Education we did not do circle time.  I mean we lit a candle and read a daily devotion but the whole thing of  leading my children in song scared me. I CAN’T sing. Really couldn’t carry a tune to save my life. I used to hum a melody of a song and have friends  name that tune, they never could guess what it was. I mean I sang to my children when they were babies but as they grew the singing stopped.  I know terrible. I was also very intimidated by this whole circle thing. What’s it suppose to look like? How many finger plays do we do? Do I even know what a finger play is? I can’t even read music. Well  I most recently discovered Miss Sky has MAJOR gross motor skill issues. I mean she will be 9 in October and can not jump rope ,skip, or ride a bike. I started researching ways to work on these issues.  Movement, movement , and more movement. The deeper I dive into Waldorf Education the more impressed I am as to how  completely balanced it really is. So here I am again back on this journey of “me”. It always comes back to me. So why circle time?  It is a multisensory experience that speaks to your child’s heart and soul.  I always hear how great the Waldorf song book is but one I can’t read music and two we are on a very tight budget. While digging around I found some really good websites that was just  what I needed.  http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/allsongs.html I really, really love this website. You can hear the tune and print off the lyrics. Have I mentioned I have A Lot of binders? During our circle time we do a combination of movement songs, seasonal songs, finger plays, Spanish songs, verses, and tongue twisters. Our circle time has it’s own rhythmic flow.  I light the morning candle which is a beeswax pillar and start school with the  transition song  We’ll All Join in a Circle.  It can be found at kididdles.com. We say prayer and then move into our morning songs. I use the ones from Kristie’s website http://waldorfenrichment.weebly.com/versesb.html she has a youtube video with the tunes.  We say some verses I picked up from these websites.http://www.angelfire.com/or/cmcquoid/VersesandSongs.htm,

http://www.straightlineandcurve.co.uk/ ,http://www.yourfullpotential.net/page11.html . We also like tongue twisters. I love hearing Little Sis try her hardest. They can be found here http://thinks.com/words/tonguetwisters.htm . The Little’s take turns blowing out the morning and story time candles and we move into some  math beanbag games with Miss Sky getting her ready for main lesson. I have to admit we have been having a lot of fun and I haven’t heard one complaint about my voice. I still shut the windows though before we begin.


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