3 Weeks and Counting

Am I the only one wondering what the heck happened to summer? I can not believe we will be starting  school in less than a month. Of course  I have had all my materials and yearly outline for awhile I just haven’t sat down to pull everything together yet. I like to have an outline of how each block is going to flow with a list of all my resources to pull from. I am not a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal. Here is an outline of what is taught in grades 1 thru 8  http://www.whws.org/newsite/Documents/Curriculum.pdf.  I like to keep a notebook by the computer to write down ideas or websites of resources that might come in handy during the year. If I see a painting of  an Old Testament story I write down where I saw it  for when it comes time to use that idea. I also like to write down ideas that might have come to me while meditating.  Also if a story idea has come to mind I have that notebook to start writing down my thoughts because I do tend to forget as the day progresses. I have one by my bed as well.  How many times I have woke with a great idea to forget as soon as I step out of bed. I like to make sure I have crafts, handwork, and painting ideas for each block as well as all the supplies. I  also like to have memory verses for copy work that relates to each block before hand that way I can see where a block could be lacking. When picking out resources to use for each year I try to use the Internet and library as much as possible. Then I try to get as much as I can used. I love having a copy of  The Waldorf Reading List to use as a guide to what stories would work for each year. If you don’t have a copy some other resources for ideas are Bob and Nancy’s Bookstore at http://www.waldorfbooks.com/. They have great listings of books suitable for each age group . There is also a list starting on page 5 of this newsletter of some suggestions http://www.sitemason.com/files/gCkuwU/eLeaflets_0608.pdf.  Here is another list of books by grade starting on page 46  http://www.steinercollege.edu/files/pdf/bk/WaldorfCurriculumResourceCatalog(Grades&HS).pdf. I thift shop for the majority of Miss Sky’s books. Goodwill has a seasonal 50% off sale where I have found so many of the books on her reading list for $ .30. I love our half price bookstore  and really can get a little crazy. I love books. I also love  www.mainlesson.com  they have so many free stories to choose from. I am going to start posting my outline in the next couple of posts of books , sites and ideas for each block. I want to leave one last link to a wonderful Waldorf blog I have been following. She is starting third grade with her daughter this year to. She posted all of her links for the whole school year from on-line sources. Wow  this has been so helpful. http://naturenest.wordpress.com/3rd-grade-links-for-waldorf-curriculums/ Hope everyone has a very blessed weekend.


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