Old Testament Stories

Our school year starts September and ends in June taking the whole month of December off.  We have school four days a week leaving one day for errands.  Our first block of the year is Old Testament stories which I think a lot of people start with. I plan on telling the story from a story book and on day 2 read the story from Scripture . We will be doing 3 blocks breaking them down into categories of

One week Creation Story to start the year off.  I am breaking the story down into 7 days working through the weekend. Making a large painting adding a little each day. An example can be found here. http://www.live-education.com/Curriculum/SampleLesson?lesson=22  Then move into The Fall of Man ,Cain & Able,  The Flood (making the ark and animals with beeswax),  and the Tower of Babel.

I. Shepherds – Abram , Esau & Jacob, Joseph, Moses,

I will tie in one week practical arts block working with wool.  Field trips to a sheep to Shaw shop. We also have a living history museum that shows how to card and spin. This will tie in nicely with farming and Native American blocks as well.  For handwork we will be working with a loom. http://www.biglearning.org/article-cardboard-loom.htm.  We will also be working a lot with wool felt. Miss Sky is making felt cookies for Little Sis’s birthday. We are also going to make felt cases for our new penny whistles we are going to learn to play this year. I am really excited finally I can teach music to my daughter.  The curriculum is called Living Music From the Heart  by Jodie Mesler and can be found here http://www.homemusicmaking.blogspot.com/. We also will knit making one of these posted herehttp://zencrafting.blogspot.com/2008/03/how-to-make-knitting-ned.html. I will also tie  in recipes on our baking days for these blocks to.

II. Kings – David, Solomon, and Esther

III. Prophets- Daniel & Jonah

Using a 3 day rhythm this will take me into the first week of December.

Jewish holidays we are celebrating: Rosh Hashanah September 18-20

Sukkot October 2- 9th (building project with Papa)

Chanukah  December 11-19

Passover March 29th – April 6.

We are going to wait to celebrate Purim in 5Th grade when we study Persia.

These are from the Internet, library, or thrift shops.

Resources: http://www.chabad.org/

I found some Family Bible Cards that not just tell Bible Stories but show how people live , foods they eat and clothes they wore.

The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays by Malka Drucker

Great Illustrated Classics Stories From The Bible

King James Bible http://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/kjv/index.htm

Some great examples of MLB http://www.christopherushomeschool.org/resources-for-waldorf-homeschooling-and-conscious-parenting/gallery-of-student-work/3rd-grade.html

I also found a reader for Miss Sky The Night Crossing by Karen Ackerman. A very “mild” introduction to the Holocaust we have a big Sis (19) whose favorite history topic has been the Holocaust so this is a topic that has already been brought up in our family many times  but never talked about  in depth in front of Sky I know this story will work for her.

We also had a Rabbi come to our church to celebrate a real passover feast one year and I am hoping to visit the  Synagogue with Miss Sky.

I almost forgot my dad got Miss Sky a Find a word Bible puzzles for Christmas. We are using this for her spelling and vocabulary list. Each puzzle is broken down from different books in the Bible.

Besides Chanukah we celebrate Advent in December and will be making a Jesse Tree this year reading the book Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean with the help of this site http://ebeth.typepad.com/serendipity/2007/11/the-jesse-tree-.html. They have wonderful lessons on their site. We used the gnomes math lessons for 2ND grade.  We will start school back up again in January with our first math block.


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