Math Blocks

We do three math blocks through out the year. With daily math practice after circle time throwing the bean bag around, clapping or doing stomping games . Being that Miss Sky is getting better but yet has not mastered jumping rope I am looking for a mini trampoline. I got the idea from a list member at Waldorfhomeschooling yahoo group. I’m hoping to find someone clearing one out from that whole 80’s phase . This years math revolves around measurement.  Time , money, space, liquid, dry, and weights while continuing with multiplication / division facts.  This falls right in line with everything else being taught in third grade making it easier to combine lessons. Some my math blocks look like this:

I. Time & money – We will spend two weeks on each subject. Some ideas I have for this block is making our own calenders, and learning different ways people used to tell time. Making a sun dial,  making an hour glass, and going to see the huge water clock at our Children’s Museum.  Then for money starting this year we started to give Miss Sky an allowance . She always was rewarded for helping out around the house but this time she will be earning a “weekly” allowance learning more on how to save and spend her money.Playing store and the game monopoly are other ideas.  Also at the end of the year with a few recipes under her belt. I will give her a set amount of money like $10 and she will be in charge of coming up with a complete meal with guidance of course. It is more about the learning process then finished product.

II. Measurement- This will be broken down and combined with practical arts blocks.

Liquid and dry measurements will be combined with baking and more hands on time in the kitchen. She will work out of two main lesson books for this topic. One her math book and two I thought we would make a recipe book together. She will copy basic recipes in her writing and draw pictures making it her own.  She should be able to bake this recipe by the end of this block

Space – Learning how to read a ruler with the help of Papa taking over with woodworking, house building projects. Papa and Miss Sky are building a Sukkah, birdhouse, and this year their year end project of a fort in the back yard. We will be reading Swiss Family Robinson this year as one of our read alouds. I always wanted a tree house like they had. We don’t have a tree available so they are making the house with out the tree.  We will also learn Old Testament measurements and measure out Noah’s Ark using cubits at our near by park. She will also learn how to find the area of an object .

III. Our third block we will be tackling long division ,larger multiplication numbers and measuring weight. We will be learning all the different ways used to measure the weight of different objects. We are going to make a teeter toter in the back yard ( this should be interesting).

Another idea I have for this year, I got from another blog , is to make an on going math fact game having different stages to pass in order to advance. We made a castle this past year from here . Using the math gnomes for game pieces and my own game board . King equals will be waiting at the end of the game with a little locked trunk to hand Miss Sky the key. When Miss Sky reaches the end she will be awarded the key with little treasures inside. We will start with a review from last year making it more challenging towards the end.

OK now on to the resources :

I really like the book Family Math by Jean Kerr Stenmark. This takes you all the way through 8th grade.  This book has whole chapters on Measurement and Time and Money. Lots and lots of game ideas on how to teach math without worksheets.

I also like this link for myself . It helps for refreshing my memory.

Here is a game on-line that Papa uses in his line of work I thought might be helpful The Ruler game

Here is a link to A Little Garden Flowers youtube video Chalk board times tables  that has been really helpful you can do this on a piece of wood with nails and yarn as seen here

We also plan on making a multiplication clock found here

I am mixing these up with our Native American and shelters blocks taking us through spring.


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