The Magic of Science

I am a little sad starting science this year with Miss Sky. There was something magical last year that I know as Sky gets older will start to disappear. 2nd grade science in Waldorf Education is Fables and Nature Stories. Even though I know our adventures will continue and there is always Little Sis to look forward to. This is the one block I have really dragged my heals with planning. See last year we went on bear hunts.

kids 621

Even thought we never found any we always enjoyed the search. We tried to find Tiptoes oak tree and left a fairy house for her friends.

kids 708We went on scavenger hunts and made drawings of our findings. As the season began to change we tested to see who was the most powerful the wind, or the sun.  We went down to laughing  brook to see if  we could spot Reddy Fox 931

We set out to find Jack Frost’s snowy mountain and even though there are no mountains nearby we saw lots of animal prints along the way.

kids 1238

We celebrated when Spring arrived knowing the little elf made her way home from the land of sun to perform her welcome back sun dance. And soon the root children would be waking from their 1398

I know that there will be 3rd grade adventures awaiting  us but there was just something about 2nd grade that was 1500


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