Native American Blocks

Alright pushing right along after our first math block will come our first Native American block.  This is just a appetizer of what is to come later down the road for Miss Sky. I know I have 2 blocks this year combining 1 week of practical arts .We will be talking about housing, the grain corn, cooking lots of food together ,and working with leather.  I  like to start with a brief introduction of  Native American history to get us in the flow of things. Also  since we are talking about legends I always like to bring in figures I know will speak to my daughter. So block one will look like this.

I. Week one Read Vostaas White Buffalo’s Story by William White Buffalo.  This is the only resource I purchased new. It touches on tribes, housing. foods, and religion without diving to deep.

Week two The story of  Kateri Tekakwitha She is from my Book of Saints. I kept her for our Native American block study.

Week three D’Aulaire’s Pocahontas I know this story will speak to Sky. I recognize a lot  of Pocahontas spirit in Sky. Very strong willed and ready to take on anything that stands in her way.

Week 4 I thought this would be a good time to introduce Sacajawea as well found a neat Drawing America book by Elaine Rapheal and Don Bolognese. I think she would like.

II. We will start getting down to the Tales

 Week 1     Creation Story       

Week 2    Since we are learning about corn   

Week  3    The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie Depaola        

Week 4    The Girl who loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble

There are a lot of great Native American stories and I am sure I will be telling more at bedtime. Here are  resources for more stories .

Here are some links to handwork ideas we will be doing for this block

We will be making these for our Christmas ornaments this year. Indian Headdress decoration

We made these before  and really liked them . Clay beads for necklace

Here are some more ideas we are making a pinch pot and corn husk doll

More then likely we will be making most of the crafts found here. Dream Catcher and Tepee

We are making the pirate money pouch but with leather and suede found here

We are also making a rope basket. The instructions can be found in the messages on Mrs. Marsha’s waldorfhomeeducatorsyahoo group.

Read Alouds by me:

Om-kas-toe by Kenneth Thomasma

Naya Nuki by Kenneth Thomasma

Children of the longhouse by Joseph Bruchac

By Miss Sky :

Tecumseh  by Jane Fleischer

Lewis and Clark and me  by Laurie Myers

Three Little Indians National Geographic Society

A great resource for books from the Native American perspective is

I will be using our library’s copies of ” If you lived at the time of” books and use them for reference

Field trips for these blocks include our visit to the Living History Museum, Our State museum has wonderful Native American artifacts found locally, there is a wonderful Native American Art museum nearby, and we will also take a hike along the Battlefield of Tippecanoe.

As part of our farming block we grew corn in our garden that is just about ready.

That leaves just one more block to go that is mostly handwork and field trips.


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