I believe I have 2 more 1 week practical arts blocks left to finish up the year.  These will consist of mostly field trips , handwork, and read alouds through the year. I will be introducing the 7 grains wheat, rice,barley,millet,rye,oats,and corn. Most of these will be combined with the other blocks. We are also talking about clothing made with wool,leather,cotton,silk, and linen. I combined wool with Old Testament and leather with Native American blocks. So these blocks we will talk about :

Week I. Rice and silk by taking an imaginary trip to China discussing how different their housing and farming is to ours. All these books I have been listing in this post and posts past are what I have found at thrift stores , Half Price Books , or searching our Library’s website.

I will be reading Little Pear and Little Pear and his friends by Eleanor Frances Lattimore.

Miss Sky will be reading  Welcome to China Caryn Jenner, A  Grain of Rice Helena Clare Pittman and The year of the Panda by Kam Mak.

We also will talk about where silk comes from and dying our own playsilks( I mean you can’t have to many right?) with Kool-aid one color then Jackson Pollock the heck out of them with different colors of Kool-aid. We get our silks from here and use these instructions to dye

Week II. Talking about Cotton, and Linen,

We will be working with all these materials in our handwork this year. Some ideas I had for cotton are tie-dying socks or a t-shirt.  For linen we are embroidering towels or handkerchiefs for gifts. ( Hope no family members read).

Books we are reading to tie in this subject all year are:

James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

Farmer Boy  by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little House on the Prairie

On the Banks of Plum Creek

By the Shores of Silver Lake

Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher (can be found here)

Miss Sky’s reads: Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan

Skylark  Patricia MacLachlan

One last craft in third grade in Waldorf School the kids make a hat for sheltering their self and warmth. Our third grade project will be to make one of these blankets together

So besides all the other field trips we live in the Mid West with lots of farms that makes it great to buy local not to mention our garden.

We compost, can, and have a friend that makes soap.

So trips to the dairy farm, bee farm, and cattle farm  (sorry vegetarians at least they are free roaming). We even get our maple syrup local.

A little side note I worked for a butcher that supported local farmers for years and years. Meat, produce , and dairy. Not only were they the BEST people to work for they had the best of everything. We even carried out groceries no carts were ever to leave the store.They had to shut down thanks to “big business”  moving in.  How sad. I miss you Wheatley’s.

So that sums up our third grade year YES now I can put my brain to rest. I have other readers for Miss Sky I picked up for the year and we use the Library quite a lot to fill in anywhere. Of corse this is an outline that may look good on paper but might need tweaked if somethings not working. Making sure to stay on top of my inner work is key to a successful year. I am looking forward to see how it plays out farther down the road.


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