Things I’m Learning Along the Way

childrens museum 192I love watching my children’s imagination unfold. The ideas that at first seem so simple and yet turn into so much more. Being able to have a clean slate everyday never knowing where the road ahead might lead. I have come to learn so much on my journey. I now know my children chose me to learn from them. Yes being set in your ways isn’t always a good thing sometimes  you need spontaneity. I learned that children don’t “need” toys.  If given the opportunity they will come up with their own. childrens museum 003   Even though Papa has always been on this page it has taken me awhile to arrive there. I have also learned that even though my ideas on paper look good my children sometimes have better ones if I am still enough to spot them. childrens museum 196

childrens museum 197Yes I am learning that I myself am still a student on this here journey and sometimes opportunities unfold on their own.


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