Playing Outside

I have been doing a little observation these last couple months of summer. Where we live summer this year has been very mild to years previous. Yet when out running around I haven’t seen any kids playing outside. I pass by lots of wonderful backyards I could only wish for and never see any children out running about.  No rosy cheeks, no sweaty brows. I have ran errands at different times the swings sets and parks are deserted. I thought well maybe they are in daycare but outings on weekends have given the same results. Maybe I take more notice then most people see I can’t keep my kids inside. From the moment they wake up till sundown with a few breaks for food,sometimes that is even eaten outside, they are outside on some 502  This saddens me to think maybe certain distractions are stealing away childhood. To me there is nothing better then the smell of my kids after a day of play in the sun (preferably without mud).conner prairie 146

I think of how different passed down stories of childhood might 698Now I know there are quite a few of us who are working hard to change the course of the future .childrens museum 210Maybe it just might happen.


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