Preparing for Storytelling

The days of starting school are closing in.  It’s time for me to start focusing on Miss Sky’s Old Testament stories.  This block I think will be easier then others being I am pretty familiar with these stories.  It’s telling them while I “eliminate as far as possible my personal self”. Trying not to persuade with my feelings toward the subject. I think sometimes we spend so much time trying to prove “truth” when we forget truth comes from within each individual. We need to evaluate where our children are at in their spiritual evolution in order to reach their soul.My temperament makes this hard. My mom always said I should go into law school because I could persuade her into what my punishments should be. That’s how I met papa , debating him on a topic on my second day of work. Things haven’t changed in that department we just agree to disagree on somethings. I wonder where Miss Sky gets her spunk? Anyway this means deeper Inner work on my part. I really have to focus on Sky’s temperament and bring the story from her angle. Miss Sky is a very saguine child so I have to put myself in her shoes, hard for a choleric to do. So what are some things we can do to better prepare ourselves?  Well three day rhythm doesn’t just work on children it can be good for us as well. You can start reading the story three days prior to telling the story. This works out well because I tell a new story on Monday with Friday as a catch up day. So I can put the present story to rest and start on a new one.  Reading a story first can help us work out any conflicts we may have and find out why. Stories work on our subconscious as well as our child’s. There has been a lot of parents having conflicts recently on the e- list about fairy tales. Something I have found out on my journey is Waldorf is just as much for me as my child and to really meditate on why a story is bugging me.  Once we can get past the barrier it’s much easier to bring a story to our children.  It’s also important not to give away the moral of a story but to let their subconscious work it out. Even if you are reading a story instead of telling one it’s good to familiarize yourself  before hand so no surprises arise. I know from here the stories will get more intense so I am just trying to prepare myself for when it does.


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