Knowledge Needs Time

“The seeds of reverence sown in the Kindergarten and early elementary grades yield fruits that may ripen much later in life.” I don’t really know the source where this is from but it was shown to me yesterday.  There are so many reasons I was drawn to Waldorf Education but educating from the inside out really speaks to me on many levels. Yesterday was a heavy scheduled day. Thursdays is our day off for errands and on top of that we had a play date. I have been noticing Little Sis has taken to the habit of fibbing a lot lately. She is 3 turning 4 in November. Knowing that lecturing at this age is pointless I came up with a story I’ve been telling at bedtime about a girl and a web of lies and how the web got so big she got caught . Well I have noticed she hasn’t been fibbing as much but it was Miss Sky that surprised me yesterday. Well for starters at the store they have one of those horses that you put change into and it moves. Sky used her allowance to buy gum and received change back enough for her and Little Sis to ride the horse . She let Little Sis ride first and it was time for us to leave Miss Sky said you know what I really am getting to big for this and gave her change to another little girl she saw getting ready to leave.  My heart swelled up in my chest and as we were leaving she said Mom did you see the look on that little girls face. I said it felt good didn’t it to make someones day? It was then home to put the groceries away, eat lunch and off to our play date. We had a lot of fun socializing with friends and on the way home Miss Sky said mom guess what?  While you were talking the kids sneaked in the kitchen and got a snack ( they were told no when asked) and told me to grab one and come upstairs. You know what I told them that if we did that it would be like lying and I didn’t want to end up stuck in a web like the little girl in the story. I had a grin form ear to ear all the way home. My story had took root and bore the most beautiful fruit even if it was not meant for her. I am so proud of the little girl blossoming in front of me and know there will be bumps along the way but it sure fills good right now.


2 Responses to “Knowledge Needs Time”

  1. Jennifer Tan Says:

    I love your blog! What a wonderful post. 🙂

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