Making Main Lesson Books

I thought I would post a tutorial for making MLB. Papa supplies us with all the white paper we want so we work with what we have.  I first take a piece of poster board.childrens museum 223This will make two 12×9 MLB’s . This size has always worked best for us.  I fold this in half.childrens museum 226Then fold in half again childrens museum 227

Then cut right down the middle where the last fold was.childrens museum 228Then take about 30 sheets of 11×8.5 inch paper and center it up with the poster board you just cut. I use multipurpose paper and have never had any problems with beeswax crayons.childrens museum 229I like to take two clothes pins and clip the open sides to hold the pages together while I hammer about 10 holes down the closed side.childrens museum 213Now it’s time to stitch the holes up with some yarn and a needle to bind the pages together.childrens museum 225Knot off both ends and your MLB is done.childrens museum 219These are fun to make in all different sizes for made up stories, notebooks, journals etc. Our Little Nature Nest has two great tutorials on her blog for MLB’s as well.


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  1. Life in the Big Wood Orphanage « Our Journey 'Round the Mulberry Bush Says:

    […] versions of the MLB. The directions are similar to the ones I posted here earlier in the year The difference being after folding in half again you fold in half once […]

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