What Does “Simply Living” Mean to Me

There was a great post over at  Simple Green and Frugal http://simple-green-frugal-co-op.blogspot.com/2009/08/what-is-your-simple-life.html about What is *your* Simple Life that really got me thinking. Papa and I started on our journey to “simply” live a few years ago. I should say we started our journey together papa has always been what you would call now “green”  it took me longer to finally come around.  I guess I just needed that smack up side the head to finally open my eyes. To really step back and see as a society where we are heading. To be surrounded by materialism, to see people work themselves into a endless pit of debt for big houses or fancy cars .  Sacrificing  relationships or even dreams you once had . To miss out on the true riches of parenthood never to get moments back. Well I had enough ,I mean really how much does a person truly need?  I want my girls to know exactly how or where their “stuff” came from.kids 520  To know when we sit down to eat a meal not just where their food came from but the people that helped bring it to us. That toys don’t come from machines or selves in the store but from an actual persons hands.  

kids 534

conner prairie 263That God put “us ” in charge of taking care of his beautiful creation.kids 472To learn that people are more important then possessions. To learn that God has already provided everything that we need.

Many blessings to all for a great weekend.


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