Day One of Third Grade

Wow I know I planned it out but I still can’t believe my little girl is in third grade already. I started my day with yoga and took some extra time meditating how I wanted the day to flow. I made pancakes and everybody worked together to get all our morning chores done. It was then time for circle. I learned to play a bird call on my pennywhistle for transition and Miss Sky gets to light the morning candle this year. Then we sang We’ll All Join In A Circle and had our prayer as a family. We sang our morning songs Good morning Dear Earth, and Buenos Dias. Papa took his leave and The Little’s and I continued with our verses I Can Turn Myself , The Stork ( found on page 6), and Circle March. Then we sang I Wake Myself, and Chip Chop. For this month we will sing The Ants Go Marching, and Oats, Peas ,Beans, and Barley Grow with Way Up High in the Apple Tree as our finger play. We finished up with some tongue twisters.

We started our first lesson with the pennywhistle. I focused on teaching Miss Sky the proper way it’s held  ,  and practiced the notes C, B, A, G. We ended circle time by blowing out the candle.

We transition into beanbag by playing a game of tossing the beanbag into a basket with our feet like the game horse. Them Miss Sky and I worked on her multiplication and division facts.

We started our first block of Old Testament stories starting with The Creation. I already changed the resource I was going to use. After two days of reading the story to myself it was so lifeless I couldn’t bear it. Luckily I found a resource on I like much better

 Today is day one in our three day rhythm so I just told her the story then gave Sky her spelling words from the story to copy. They are :
















We clapped then stomped out the letters of each word. We had our first grammar lesson. I am using this resource Miss Sky copied her noun picture in a grammar lesson book. I made garden pizza for lunch and we had break.

For storytime this week I am finishing up Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Sky is reading #4 Of the Cul-De-Sac Kids series. For handwork we started working on Christmas presents for Aunt Laura and Uncle John (hope you like them 🙂 ).Monday is painting day but this week we are painting the creation story adding to our painting each day as I read day by day from the King James Bible. We finished up school with the verse There Lives in Me An Image. Things flowed just how I pictured during meditation. It’s always nice when the day plays out like that. Now for tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Day One of Third Grade”

  1. Kara Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! We’re doing second grade this year, so I’m really excited to see your blog posts about third grade so that I can see what it looks like “in action” and look ahead via your blog 🙂

    Happy back to school! Best Wishes, Kara

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