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Buddy For The Day

September 30, 2009

Today Miss Sky had special plans to go on a field trip with her Big Sis. They went to the Children’s Museum to see the King Tut exhibit before it left the city. Sky couldn’t have been more excited to go but to spend the day with her big sister was a special memory of its own. So that left Little Sis and I time to spend together. While fixing breakfast Little Sis rounds the corner with one of her favorite stories in hand ready with todays plans. She is quite capable of dictating orders of her own when Sky isn’t around. With one hand on her hip she informed me we needed to make some cookies to eat while reading her story. I asked her if she had any particular kind in mind. Chocolate chip was her reply as if  there was any other kind. So after breakfast and clean up Little Sis and I started baking. She was thrilled to have both beaters to herself  and commented on how jealous sissy will be to find out she had cookie dough. childrens museum 390

After storytime Little Sis decided we needed to build a mouse home.  The basket of blocks was brought out and we went straight to work.childrens museum 391Before we knew it Miss Sky was home sharing the details from her day. Little Sis couldn’t have been happier to have Miss Sky home but a quick chocolatey grin in my direction let me know she enjoyed our time together.


Happy Michaelmas

September 29, 2009

The festivities started early with the findings of new crowns upon waking this morning . The nature table displayed new treasures of the season. Celebration rang thru the air. For breakfast I made apple bread while that baked I prepared the meatloaf that would be our lunch later on. After a moment of groans during clean up it was finally time for our circle. We sang our transition song along with our morning songs , we said prayer, then Miss Sky told her memory verses from Revelation 12:7-9. I read the verses from yesterdays post and read the story on page 3 for Little Sis. Since the dragon helped bake the towns bread we made our dragons bread to eat with lunch.childrens museum 389

 I used the recipe here Thank You Little Naturenest for your links to Michaelmas. Then for main lesson today it was Miss Sky’s turn to tell back the story form yesterday. She chose to act the story out assigning everyone’s part. Papa played the dragon, I was the king and the pleading towns people, Little Sis was the brave knight, and of course Miss Sky was the beautiful princess.childrens museum 382

Miss Sky drew her picture in her MLB . She wrote her sentences too being Big Sis and she have special plans for tomorrow. Papa helped make their shields and The Little’s decorated them.childrens museum 385

To their standards childrens museum 386

I had a surprise story left in my comments from my post yesterday and I plan on telling it tonight for our bedtime story. We had a great day. I would love to see or hear how others celebrated their day if you would like to leave a link to your blog in the comments. Wishing everyone blessings on their journey. Peace childrens museum 387

A Blustery Day

September 28, 2009

Well, I think it is safe to say that Autumn has most definitely arrived here in Indiana. With the temperature reaching to the low 60s and 40s for tonight it may be time to start the first fire of the season. I have noticed, at least here, that each season this year has had a strong start. Hmm, wondering what winter will bring.

This weeks activity has us preparing for the celebration of Michaelmas. The day started with a great yoga and meditation time this morning to really gather my thoughts and to run today’s flow through my head. Inner work this week has me really searching inward reflecting if I am where I want to be or if I need to slay any dragons that could be holding me back.

For breakfast, I made waffles with sausage while The Little’s started their chores. I also started the minestrone soup for today’s lunch. Miss Sky and I cleaned up after breakfast and we started circle time.

This will be the last week for The Ants Go Marching and Oats, Peas, Beans, And Barley grow. We did our verses and I told a verse for Michaelmas

I found at this lovely blog. There is a Michaelmas song at the end of this post as well

We did our apple finger plays, reviewed our past lessons on the penny whistle and finished up with some tongue twisters. We transitioned into bean bag by taking turns tossing the bean bag into a basket with our foot. Then Miss Sky and I did a math review from all four of the processes. It was time for the main lesson I told the story of St. George and the dragon

They have several at

No spelling or vocabulary this week due to the festival. For grammar, we reviewed what Miss Sky has learned about nouns so far. I tied in the form for the week using a running form that looks like dragon scales. We practiced first in the air, then on the board, then on each other’s backs. We wrapped up the main lesson with beeswax modeling. We modeled St. Micheal and the dragon.

childrens museum 379

We said our closing verse and took an hour break for lunch and free play. Sky finally learned how to ride a bike (with 2 wheels) and has been riding around the backyard as much as she can. Little Sis informed Papa over the weekend that she was ready to ride a bike and told him to get one right away.

For story time I am still reading Little House in the Big Woods and coming to the chapter Harvest for tomorrow which is good timing. I finished Little Sis’s crown for tomorrow. Sky is reading Mystery of Case D. Luc and working on Little’s Sis cookies for her birthday. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe Monday.

Destination Unknown

September 26, 2009

When venturing out into the woods there are many important things one must bring along. A watch and a map are not one of them. We love exploring natures trails never knowing what adventures might await you around the next bend. For just a moment time stands still while you take in all the beauty that surrounds you. That’s just what we did this time with a new member at our side. childrens museum 343

Our puppy Harvey seems to have a love for nature as much as we do. He trotted happily along the side of us making sure to hit every puddle along the way.  We kept our eyes open for signs that fall had in deed arrived.childrens museum 346

We ran into some new sightings.childrens museum 354

And met up with some old ones.childrens museum 356

After the day’s adventures, we were ready for a little quiet time.childrens museum 366

It’s memories like these of not having your destination planned out but always arriving right where you were meant to be, that I know will follow us along our journey.childrens museum 355

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.

Happy Autumn

September 23, 2009

It’s finally arrived, Autumn. It seems it was just last month I was sitting out back looking up at the tree buds anxiously awaiting spring. Now a walk around the block proved the leaves are ready for fall. With each new seasonal change, the nature table has been set up awaiting any new treasures that might be found. Also, the fall stories have been brought out waiting in the basket for little hands to sort thru, finding old favorites along with a new one. Into our bed, the little ones hop with stories in hand. Of course, the new story is first. Mama has searched for the perfect Autumn story and the smiles across the Little’s face lets me know I chose right. Then the favorite story is read. What would Autumn be without The Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum? This isn’t just a favorite of the Little’s but has become a family classic. Well, how could you read a lovely story as that without wondering into the kitchen to make an apple cake for breakfast of your own? So that is what we did. With our bellies full it was preparation time for another fall treat.childrens museum 340

Carmel apples oh yeah.childrens museum 341

Nicely waiting for snack time. After clean up, we stuck with the same circle time as yesterday. Little Sis is loving the apple verses and continues entertaining us through out the day. For the main lesson, I told the story The Big Red Apple We talked about how the animals are preparing for fall. The next few days lessons take us outside getting our hands dirty. Wishing everyone a happy fall season.

All About Apples

September 21, 2009

This weeks flow will be different from most weeks. We are celebrating Autumn. We take a week to celebrate each new season and all that it brings. We are having a one week farming block of What Does The Farmer Do In The Fall?  The day started with everyone working together to get breakfast and chores started so we could take our puppy Harvey to the vet for his next round of shots. We had pancakes and bacon with fresh apple cider from the apple orchard we visited over the weekend. childrens museum 334So todays theme was all about apples.childrens museum 335For circle time we sang our morning songs and for this week I added the verse Here is an apple tree , the Applesauce Chant (like the song Peanut Butter & Jelly), Four Red Apples On The Tree, The Apple Song ( Sung to the tune of I a little teapot), The Tiny Tiny Apple Seed (like Insey Weensy Spider) along with Way Up High On The Apple Tree. Then for main lesson I told the story of Johnny Apple Seed

We talked about what our family is doing right now to prepare for Autumn. How we went through our closet pulling the warmer clothes to the front, we harvested our garden over the weekend gathering the last of our tomato crop, and how we stacked our wood and prepared the woodburning stove for the cold months ahead. We talked about what foods Autumn brings and the different ways we can preserve the taste thru the rest of the seasons. Miss Sky drew a picture in her farming MLB We finished up the day with our first treat of Fall, apple bread for a snack. No spelling or Vocabulary for the week. After all it wouldn’t be much of a celebration if Miss Sky thought she was” having school”. 😉

Honey, Please Pass The Cake

September 19, 2009

This morning after dragging myself out of bed and trying to talk myself out of yoga. I managed sun salutations and a very much needed meditation.  The hardest part is just starting. This morning Papa surprised me with breakfast thanks to a “Little” persuasion. It’s funny how things can work out like that. So with no morning clean up we started circle time. After our circle I gave Miss Sky her spelling test then she copied her form from the week in her MLB.  It was time for Miss Sky’s drama class. I spent some good quality time with Little Sis reading some of her favorite books while we waited on Sissy. Once home we started on cooking project number two, honey cake.childrens museum 330Using the recipe from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays we followed each step. I have to be honest we don’t eat very much sugar. I am always cutting the sugar in recipes by half . The recipe called for 1 cup honey, which would be plenty for us , along with a cup of sugar. Not wanting to break tradition of serving anything sour or bitter I stuck with the recipe.childrens museum 331The Little’s were some what worried about the addition of coffee in the recipe but they must have forgot I added it .childrens museum 332

I baked the honey cake for 40 minutes instead of an hour and am glad I did or it would have been over cooked. While the cake baked I read the story Maybe Even Higher from the same book.childrens museum 333

Next week we will be celebrating Autumn with a one week farming block titled What Does The Farmer Do In The Fall? There will be lots of nature observation , a visit to the apple orchard, and preparing some seasonal favorites. Wishing everyone a happy weekend. Shanah Tovah

Challah (Hallah)

September 17, 2009

childrens museum 325With all the business Fridays bring I thought I would get one of two cooking projects done today. So The Little’s and I got to work on making Challah bread saving the honey cake for tomorrow. I used the recipe from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays.childrens museum 326We formed the bread into a shape resembling a crown since Rosh Hasanah is the “head ” of the year.childrens museum 329It turned out better than I thought and was SO yummy. We dipped our pieces in honey which is tradition after the blessing. After filling our tummies Miss Sky and I got to work on some handwork projects. Little Sis has a basket of projects she likes to work on along side of us. I just had to snap a shot of her determination. Aunt Laura this ones for you :).childrens museum 328



September 16, 2009

Today’s flow started different then most days. We had plans to attend the back to school homeschoolers skating party this morning but they fell through. So I had a few minutes of meditation trying to put the pieces of the day together. We planned on having left overs for breakfast and I just stuck to the plan with everyone having something different.  With two very disappointed little girls we started circle time with Papa trying to unglue their frowns. Of course he succeeded. We continued working on lesson two with our penny whistles and counted by fives forwards and backwards during beanbag. We stomped out the sums (I mean the product 🙂 ) to the five times tables and passed the beanbag back of fourth working whole to parts. Today for main lesson Sky came up with three sentences about Rosh Hashanah to write in her MLB. I gave Sky her practice spelling test and made her copy the words she missed 5 times. We finished looking up the rest of  her vocabulary words and I drew a big spiral on the driveway with chalk for form drawing. We walked the form inward then outward then Sky practiced on the driveway with chalk. Today we painted the star of David with watercolors and took our break for lunch. I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with carrot sticks. After free time Sky started The Mystery Of Case D. Luc #6 of the Cul De Sac Kids and I read Little House in the Big Woods. We read for 30 minutes each while the other does their handwork project. We finish the day with our closing verse There Lives In Me An Image I am so glad Melisa posted it because it’s such a great verse. Tomorrow is errand day and I think I will be catching up on some handwork projects for upcoming Little’s birthdays.


 Many Blessings to all for a great day.

The Natural Flow of Things

September 15, 2009

I have to say when we started venturing out on our journey I never thought being connected to natures rhythm would be such a big deal.  Something I have quickly learned is to stop trying to fight against mother nature and to start going with the flow. How rewarding it has been. The Little’s have noticed I have been putting the house to bed a little earlier. In fact Little Sis fell asleep exactly one hour after the house” fell asleep”.  The same amount of time after I close the house up during summer but an hour earlier. Our rhythm has started to change along with natures. Sky just seems to know Autumn is near. Her mind starts to drift the closer we get to this seasonal change then any other. She knows visits to the apple orchard (her favorite fruit) are approaching.  Soon it will be time to welcome the new season with hikes along our favorite paths and the celebration of her birth is close. This week I have to work a little harder to bring her back into to focus on her schoolwork. For breakfast I made bread pudding with “fall” fruit salad (apples, plums, and pears). We did our morning chores and started our circle time. I found a really neat resource yesterday with a fingerplay and craft ideas for the month thought I would pass along. For beanbag math we counted by twos forwards and backwards. We also practice our times tables whole to parts ( 2 is 2×1, 4 is 2×2). Today’s main lesson Miss Sky told me what she remembered from yesterday about Rosh Hashanah. In fact she told Papa all about it over breakfast. She   is really focused on the fasting in remembrance of helping the poor and the inner reflection. She drew her picture in her MLB. I asked her to tell me the difference between abstract and concrete nouns and had her circle the abstract nouns from her spelling list. I gave Sky her vocabulary words for the week:











We looked up the first 5 in the dictionary and she circled the abstract nouns. She practiced her spelling words in corn meal sounding out each letter. Sky practiced her form in the cornmeal too. This week we are using inward and outward spirals for the inner reflection during Rosh Hashanah and the spiral of the challah bread. After breaking  for lunch having beef fajitas I made last night and playtime we finished up with storytime and handwork. Sky finished her book and is ready to start number 6 of the Cul-De-Sac Kids.