The Beautiful World

The day started great. We are having perfect temperatures for windows to be opened letting the outside in. The only thing not keeping me focused is our puppy. I am still learning how sun salutation fits in with puppy kisses but I’m sure it will work out. This morning for breakfast we had cinnamon rolls that I started last night from my favorite cookbook Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair with peach and plum fruit salad.  I live out of this book. While they were in the oven I started to cook the meat for tacos we were having for lunch to help use up our tomatoes. I always double the meat  for taco salad to have later in the week. I throw it in the crock pot after the meat drains to keep warm till lunch. I pair this with Santa Fe Black Bean Salad from the same book. Oh man we can’t get enough of this salad in summer. I cooked the black beans Sunday to be ready for today’s lunch and for my other favorite black bean salad found here  that we will have later in the week. Good good stuff . Oh yeah back to our school day. After morning chores it was time for circle using the same songs for the month but first we welcomed September by reading the poem from A Child’s Calendar by John Updike. We continued practicing holding the penny whistle and practicing our notes C, B, A, & G getting our fingering down. For beanbag we still practiced multiplication for 2,5 and 10 facts up to 12 then back down again with division. Today we added I spy alphabet “nouns” game and tossed the beanbag to practice Miss Sky’s spelling words.  Today for main lesson it was Sky’s turn to tell back the story. She chose a puppet show. I have some ideas for this years props by taking the little wooden dolls the gnomes are made out of and making Shepperd’schildrens museum 268

They could also pass for prophets and a few for kings. Also making some finger puppets like these to add to the propbox along with our beeswax creations.  It was interesting her interpretation of the story. She completely skipped the part of man made in God’s image and giving man a soul but had the rest of the creation down. I am curious as to what sentences she will come up with tomorrow. I gave miss Sky her form for Form Drawing  we practiced in the air, on the board, and on each others backs. This year we are practicing dictionary skills with a vocabulary list her words are :











She wrote then in her MLB and underlined which ones she thought were nouns. We will look up 5 a day seeing if she was right and reading the definitions. We will wait till next year to copy the definitions. We continued with yesterdays stories and handwork and added the land and waters to our creation painting. I will post pictures when we our finished. I hope everyone else is having a blessed week :).


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