Let There Be Light

Today was a little more hectic. I felt like I was running in circles. Just an off day .I am blaming it on the full moon tonight. The full moon gets a lot of blame around here. For breakfast I made biscuits , bacon, and eggs served with our blueberry jam. The best biscuit recipe I have found is from The Tassajara Bread Book ,the other cookbook I live out of.  I made the dressing to have ready for our salads at lunchtime. We stuck with the same circle songs and beanbag games as yesterday. Miss Sky is having a hard time holding the penny whistle in her right hand. I find this strange being she is right handed. We are having a lot of fun and already have improvised our own tune. I have to say the sound is really pretty. More flute like then recorder. For main lesson I read the Creation story again and asked Sky to tell me her favorite part and she wrote a sentence in her MLB. childrens museum 269 I think I will wait to add on another sentence till our next lesson block. Little Sis was busy working in her MLB too.childrens museum 270

Then we went over Sky’s spelling words using word attack skills pronouncing the sound of each letter that made up the word and she pointed out which ones were nouns. She finished looking up the rest of her vocabulary words. It was time to practice her form.  Today she practiced it in cornmeal. childrens museum 271I am using this form as footprints and tying it  into the story when Adam and Eve heard God walking in the garden of Eden an hid themselves. childrens museum 272Still reading Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and #4 Cul De Sac Kids and finished our first Christmas gifts. We added the birds and fish to our Creation painting. The fish were really hard to add to the painting but I have to say it’s been a moving experience. Well speaking of that full moon it’s out and I think the Little’s and I are going out for a quiet meditation time under the stars.


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