How We Came To Be Inside This Body

I am combining the “Shelters For My Soul and Myself” block  of How I came to be inside this body,inside these clothes, inside this room, inside this land, and inside this world with the other blocks . This block can be found in Mrs. Marsha’s third grade files on her waldorfhomeeducators yahoo group. Being we just finished the Creation story I couldn’t think of a better way to tie in How We Came To Be Inside This Body. Friday for main lesson will all be about Miss Sky. We will be celebrating her birth. She will add a Me page to her MLB. This page will have the details of what time she was born, how much she weighted and notes from Papa and I. After circle time Sky will take her spelling test and we will write her form from the week in her MLB then I will bust out her photo album. I saved the outfit she wore home and have her blanket from the hospital. I also wrote a birthday story for each one of The Little’s that I read to them each year and think I will read Miss Sky hers. Part two of this block will come later and tie in her clothing. What were you wrapped in? This will fall in line with the story of Jacob then lead into talking about wool. We will also be finishing up our creation painting. Then starting Monday comes a new story. I will be telling the story of The Flood.  I found a great link of how Old Testament people lived I also am changing our schedule to fit our week better. Mondays will be beeswax modeling so Sky can use our models for props when she retells the story Tuesday. Tuesdays is drawing our picture, and I think painting will work better on Wednesday to finish up the story from the week. Next week Friday drama starts back up so baking would work better on that day. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.IMG_0002


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