There’s Gonna Be A Floody, Floody

Even thought it’s Labor Day we still had school to keep with our rhythm. After a puppy free yoga and meditation session I made waffles and had our new addiction ,white flesh peaches, for breakfast. I also cooked the rice for chicken fried rice  for lunch. I cut up the veggies and left over chicken Sunday. The Little’s sorted the laundry and Miss Sky started the first load. After breakfast clean up we started circle time. This week I am substituting the song Rise and Shine (The Arky Arky song ) to stick with the story I also added the rainbow verse to our beanbag time We practiced follow me on our penny whistles. Sky had her back turned to me and tried to repeat the notes I played. She did really well. We still worked on 2, 5, & 10 times and division facts during beanbag . Mainly focusing on the 5’s this time. It was time for main lesson and I told the story Noah and the Rainbow of hope Then gave Sky her spelling words which we clapped out and she copied two times each in her MLB. This week they are:
















This week for our grammar lesson Sky is learning the difference between proper nouns and common nouns and drew her picture in her MLB.childrens museum 293I gave Sky her new form for the week and we practiced it in the air and on each others back. Then it was time for our hour break for lunch and playtime. For story-time Sky wanted me to read Little House in the Big Woods again and she read The Cul De Sac kids #5 Frog Power. She is really liking this series right now. For handwork Sky started Little Sis’s birthday present. She is making felt sugar cookies for her stove. I am finishing up my penny whistle case. We finished up the day with beeswax modeling making animals for the ark and our closing verse.childrens museum 296  Hope everyone is having a great Labor’s Day.


One Response to “There’s Gonna Be A Floody, Floody”

  1. Kara Says:

    I’m gonna have to look up the Cul de Sac kids series.

    Love the lesson book pages – it is so awesome to come here and see what you guys are working on and examples of a real childs main lesson work. Thank you for sharing!

    Cute little beeswax fella 🙂

    Best Wishes,

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