It’s Not Easy Being Purple

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I love mornings. Now I am not saying that I am a morning person so to speak. It’s the fresh start of a new day that I love.  Oh all the new adventures to plan.  Measuring new growth that seemed to sprout up overnight.  A soon to be four year old all of a sudden branching out from under Sissy’s wing ready to take flight into adventures of her own.  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was asking her why all her dolls were naked and now we are color coordinating . I think I see some new doll clothes  in her future . This week has been gloomy reminding me that Fall is not to far off.  So for breakfast I broke out our last jar of pumpkin and made muffins and served them with pear slices. After morning chores We All Joined In A Circle and sang a song or two. We threw the beanbag  reviewing  addition and subtraction facts with some carrying and borrowing.  For main lesson today it was Miss Sky’s turn to tell me what she took away from the story. She presented another puppet show not leaving any details out this time. She did have questions as to why God wanted to destroy the Earth. As hard as it was for me to hold my  tounge I simple replied with “Why do you think”? I mean I never really thought of the story from an 8 year olds perspective. I can see some of her dreaminess beginning to rub off. We practiced her spelling words by sounding out each letter and her spelling out the word. Then I had her circle all the nouns from her list and underline in a different color which ones were proper nouns. I gave  Sky her new vocabulary list :











She looked up the first 5 in the dictionary.

We practiced her form outside walking it out on the sidewalk.childrens museum 300

I tied this into the story when Noah opened the window to let the dove out how he flew round and round looking for land. We pretended to be doves and laughed how dizzy we were afterwards.  We had our hour break with a request from Little Sis to have peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam sandwiches with applesauce for lunch. We finished up our day with more Little House in the Big Woods and another felt cookie for Little Sis’s birthday. Sky is making her a half dozen. Sky read from her story The Cul De Sac Kids while I started working on the beginnings of Little Sis’s birthday wishes pillow. Little sis has been preoccupied helping Papa out in the garage with Miss Sky’s birthday present.  Papa is making her a workbench giving Sky her own space to build with Papa. There are lots of hushed lips around here. We ended with a block crayon drawing lesson. I have been using Sieglinde de Francesca’s DVD from A Little Garden Flower  Now for some more adventuring.


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