Two Of Every Animal

Wednesday is bread baking day. Oh to have the aroma drift though the house while little tummies growl in anticipation of a warm slice with honey butter or jam. I have come to realize there are many things I get excited about. One is Waldorf Education and can talk a little too much about this topic. The other is I *love* to cook. I could very easily have become a chef but then what other occupation could I have combined both loves?  For breakfast the girls requested “I want a big bowl of grits” so that is what we had with bacon and eggs.  After clean up and chours Miss Sky lit the candle for circle time. We sang, marched, and practiced the penny whistle. We played the freeze game. We tossed the beanbag around reviewing the math facts from the last math block.  I retold the story of Noah’s ark and should have known her favorite part would be gathering the animals. Sky *loves * animals. She wrote her sentence in her MLB. gave Sky a pre spelling test to see what words she needs to work on. For grammar we played a game. I took 10 objects with proper nouns and scattered them around the house. For example I put a can of Mighty Dog food in her bedroom I placed her Stockmar crayons in the bathroom and so. I told her to take her MLB and look for 10 things out-of-place and to write the proper noun  in her book.  We went back to the classroom and she told me what the common noun would be for these items. We looked up the rest of her vocabulary words in the dictionary and she wrote her form drawing in her MLB. We had our hour break for lunch and playtime. I served crackers and cheese with carrot , zucchini sticks, and ranch dressing. We also had a slice of warm bread and jam. We are still in “The Big Woods” and on “Blossom Hill Lane” working on the same handwork projects.  We painted a rainbow with it’s seven colors using the three primary water colors. said our closing verse.  Tomorrow is our day off.  🙂


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