Rosh Hashanah

This week Miss Sky is learning about the jewish new year’s celebration of Rosh Hashanah. I started the day later than usual being the dog let me sleep in which I am very thankful for but had no time for yoga. I had a very short meditation  to check in making sure I had the days flow down. While I made french toast and bacon the Little’s sorted laundry and Miss Sky started the first load. After clean up and hanging the first load of laundry out it was time for our circle. I transitioned by singing We’ll All Join In A Circle then we lit the candle and said prayer. We sang our good morning songs, said our verses I Can Turn Myself, and The Stork. We also sang I wake myself , and Chip Chop found here I also included Way up High In The Apple Tree found it here under fingerplays  The Ants go marching and Oat ,Peas, Beans, and Barley grow are this months songs We started our week 2 lesson on the penny whistle . We transitioned into beanbag playing “Simon says ” with the beanbag and practiced problems from all the 4 processes. For main lesson I read from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays about Rosh Hashanah. We talked about how different the jewish calendar is to ours and how it follows the moon cycle instead of the suns. I gave Sky her spelling words:
















First we clapped them out then she wrote them twice in her MLB. I had her underline the nouns and place a X by the proper nouns. For grammar we talked about abstract and concrete nouns. She drew her picture in her grammar book. I gave Sky her new form for the week she practiced on the board then on each others backs. We modeled with beeswax today making rams We took our hour break for lunch having hamburger soup I made yesterday. The girls had a tea party .childrens museum 313 I am getting ready for the fall season by starting to jar up soup. For storytime I read Little House in the Big Woods and Sky read Frog power while we still worked on birthday gifts for handwork. We finished up the day with our closing verse.  Hope everyone is having a blessed day.


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  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day!

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