The Natural Flow of Things

I have to say when we started venturing out on our journey I never thought being connected to natures rhythm would be such a big deal.  Something I have quickly learned is to stop trying to fight against mother nature and to start going with the flow. How rewarding it has been. The Little’s have noticed I have been putting the house to bed a little earlier. In fact Little Sis fell asleep exactly one hour after the house” fell asleep”.  The same amount of time after I close the house up during summer but an hour earlier. Our rhythm has started to change along with natures. Sky just seems to know Autumn is near. Her mind starts to drift the closer we get to this seasonal change then any other. She knows visits to the apple orchard (her favorite fruit) are approaching.  Soon it will be time to welcome the new season with hikes along our favorite paths and the celebration of her birth is close. This week I have to work a little harder to bring her back into to focus on her schoolwork. For breakfast I made bread pudding with “fall” fruit salad (apples, plums, and pears). We did our morning chores and started our circle time. I found a really neat resource yesterday with a fingerplay and craft ideas for the month thought I would pass along. For beanbag math we counted by twos forwards and backwards. We also practice our times tables whole to parts ( 2 is 2×1, 4 is 2×2). Today’s main lesson Miss Sky told me what she remembered from yesterday about Rosh Hashanah. In fact she told Papa all about it over breakfast. She   is really focused on the fasting in remembrance of helping the poor and the inner reflection. She drew her picture in her MLB. I asked her to tell me the difference between abstract and concrete nouns and had her circle the abstract nouns from her spelling list. I gave Sky her vocabulary words for the week:











We looked up the first 5 in the dictionary and she circled the abstract nouns. She practiced her spelling words in corn meal sounding out each letter. Sky practiced her form in the cornmeal too. This week we are using inward and outward spirals for the inner reflection during Rosh Hashanah and the spiral of the challah bread. After breaking  for lunch having beef fajitas I made last night and playtime we finished up with storytime and handwork. Sky finished her book and is ready to start number 6 of the Cul-De-Sac Kids.


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