Challah (Hallah)

childrens museum 325With all the business Fridays bring I thought I would get one of two cooking projects done today. So The Little’s and I got to work on making Challah bread saving the honey cake for tomorrow. I used the recipe from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays.childrens museum 326We formed the bread into a shape resembling a crown since Rosh Hasanah is the “head ” of the year.childrens museum 329It turned out better than I thought and was SO yummy. We dipped our pieces in honey which is tradition after the blessing. After filling our tummies Miss Sky and I got to work on some handwork projects. Little Sis has a basket of projects she likes to work on along side of us. I just had to snap a shot of her determination. Aunt Laura this ones for you :).childrens museum 328



2 Responses to “Challah (Hallah)”

  1. Sally Gal Says:

    will you tell me more about what is going on in the last picture? What is she doing? And, lol, we are making the same bread tomorrow, and the same cake saturday (are you supposed to bake on the Sabbath, though?) MG wants to do the crown, too! ONE day I WILL post our days! Do you use fresh flour? I want to do it, but am using the freshground…wondering what mod’s I would need to make…hmmm….
    fun fun for your ladies!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      I made a “mimi “loom with popsicle sticks for Little Sis. I tied a big plastic ( gasp) needle on a long piece of yarn. Then tied the other end to the loom. She just threads through the holes pretending to sew like we do. I think her tongue works just as much as her hands :). No I think baking on the Sabbath is off limits (darn). King Arthur flour is what I use but you pretty much just add flour till the dough is no longer sticky. I am always using more then the recipe calls for so IMO I think it would work. It’s the memories that count not the end result. Have fun.

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