Honey, Please Pass The Cake

This morning after dragging myself out of bed and trying to talk myself out of yoga. I managed sun salutations and a very much needed meditation.  The hardest part is just starting. This morning Papa surprised me with breakfast thanks to a “Little” persuasion. It’s funny how things can work out like that. So with no morning clean up we started circle time. After our circle I gave Miss Sky her spelling test then she copied her form from the week in her MLB.  It was time for Miss Sky’s drama class. I spent some good quality time with Little Sis reading some of her favorite books while we waited on Sissy. Once home we started on cooking project number two, honey cake.childrens museum 330Using the recipe from The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays we followed each step. I have to be honest we don’t eat very much sugar. I am always cutting the sugar in recipes by half . The recipe called for 1 cup honey, which would be plenty for us , along with a cup of sugar. Not wanting to break tradition of serving anything sour or bitter I stuck with the recipe.childrens museum 331The Little’s were some what worried about the addition of coffee in the recipe but they must have forgot I added it .childrens museum 332

I baked the honey cake for 40 minutes instead of an hour and am glad I did or it would have been over cooked. While the cake baked I read the story Maybe Even Higher from the same book.childrens museum 333

Next week we will be celebrating Autumn with a one week farming block titled What Does The Farmer Do In The Fall? There will be lots of nature observation , a visit to the apple orchard, and preparing some seasonal favorites. Wishing everyone a happy weekend. Shanah Tovah


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