All About Apples

This weeks flow will be different from most weeks. We are celebrating Autumn. We take a week to celebrate each new season and all that it brings. We are having a one week farming block of What Does The Farmer Do In The Fall?  The day started with everyone working together to get breakfast and chores started so we could take our puppy Harvey to the vet for his next round of shots. We had pancakes and bacon with fresh apple cider from the apple orchard we visited over the weekend. childrens museum 334So todays theme was all about apples.childrens museum 335For circle time we sang our morning songs and for this week I added the verse Here is an apple tree , the Applesauce Chant (like the song Peanut Butter & Jelly), Four Red Apples On The Tree, The Apple Song ( Sung to the tune of I a little teapot), The Tiny Tiny Apple Seed (like Insey Weensy Spider) along with Way Up High On The Apple Tree. Then for main lesson I told the story of Johnny Apple Seed

We talked about what our family is doing right now to prepare for Autumn. How we went through our closet pulling the warmer clothes to the front, we harvested our garden over the weekend gathering the last of our tomato crop, and how we stacked our wood and prepared the woodburning stove for the cold months ahead. We talked about what foods Autumn brings and the different ways we can preserve the taste thru the rest of the seasons. Miss Sky drew a picture in her farming MLB We finished up the day with our first treat of Fall, apple bread for a snack. No spelling or Vocabulary for the week. After all it wouldn’t be much of a celebration if Miss Sky thought she was” having school”. 😉


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