Destination Unknown

When venturing out into the woods there are many important things one must bring along. A watch and a map are not one of them. We love exploring natures trails never knowing what adventures might await you around the next bend. For just a moment time stands still while you take in all the beauty that surrounds you. That’s just what we did this time with a new member at our side. childrens museum 343

Our puppy Harvey seems to have a love for nature as much as we do. He trotted happily along the side of us making sure to hit every puddle along the way.  We kept our eyes open for signs that fall had in deed arrived.childrens museum 346

We ran into some new sightings.childrens museum 354

And met up with some old ones.childrens museum 356

After the day’s adventures, we were ready for a little quiet time.childrens museum 366

It’s memories like these of not having your destination planned out but always arriving right where you were meant to be, that I know will follow us along our journey.childrens museum 355

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.


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