A Blustery Day

Well, I think it is safe to say that Autumn has most definitely arrived here in Indiana. With the temperature reaching to the low 60s and 40s for tonight it may be time to start the first fire of the season. I have noticed, at least here, that each season this year has had a strong start. Hmm, wondering what winter will bring.

This weeks activity has us preparing for the celebration of Michaelmas. The day started with a great yoga and meditation time this morning to really gather my thoughts and to run today’s flow through my head. Inner work this week has me really searching inward reflecting if I am where I want to be or if I need to slay any dragons that could be holding me back.

For breakfast, I made waffles with sausage while The Little’s started their chores. I also started the minestrone soup for today’s lunch. Miss Sky and I cleaned up after breakfast and we started circle time.

This will be the last week for The Ants Go Marching and Oats, Peas, Beans, And Barley grow. We did our verses and I told a verse for Michaelmas http://anthromama.blogspot.com/2006/09/michaelmas-time.html

I found at this lovely blog. There is a Michaelmas song at the end of this post as well http://holywoodsteiner-classthree.blogspot.com/2009/09/in-autumn-st-michael.html.

We did our apple finger plays, reviewed our past lessons on the penny whistle and finished up with some tongue twisters. We transitioned into bean bag by taking turns tossing the bean bag into a basket with our foot. Then Miss Sky and I did a math review from all four of the processes. It was time for the main lesson I told the story of St. George and the dragon http://www.mainlesson.com/display.php?author=bailey&book=hour&story=george.

They have several at mainlesson.com.

No spelling or vocabulary this week due to the festival. For grammar, we reviewed what Miss Sky has learned about nouns so far. I tied in the form for the week using a running form that looks like dragon scales. We practiced first in the air, then on the board, then on each other’s backs. We wrapped up the main lesson with beeswax modeling. We modeled St. Micheal and the dragon.

childrens museum 379

We said our closing verse and took an hour break for lunch and free play. Sky finally learned how to ride a bike (with 2 wheels) and has been riding around the backyard as much as she can. Little Sis informed Papa over the weekend that she was ready to ride a bike and told him to get one right away.

For story time I am still reading Little House in the Big Woods and coming to the chapter Harvest for tomorrow which is good timing. I finished Little Sis’s crown for tomorrow. Sky is reading Mystery of Case D. Luc and working on Little’s Sis cookies for her birthday. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe Monday.


4 Responses to “A Blustery Day”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Sounds like a great way to start off Michaelmas!

    And yes, Autumn has definitely come to Indiana! I’ve enjoyed the wind and the cooler temperature all day and even put on a sweater – bliss!

  2. Christine Natale Says:

    The Strong Boy


    Christine Natale

    Once there was a little boy who was growing bigger and stronger every day. This little boy liked to play games with the other children, but he did not like to lose. He had a quick temper and he would hit or kick the other children, even when they accidentally bumped into him or tripped him. The other children didn’t like this but they let him play anyway.

    The boy grew a little bigger. Soon he was so big and strong that he could get his way in anything just by being mean and hurting the other children. He liked being so strong. But the other children did not like being hurt, so they stopped playing with him. If he came outside when the other children were playing a game and they saw him coming, they would run away home as fast as they could. The strong boy was left all alone every day. Deep in his heart he was lonely and unhappy but he said to himself, “ I don’t care! I can do anything I want to and no one can stop me!”

    One day the strong boy found a smaller boy playing with a ball.

    “Let me play.” said the strong boy.

    “No. I don’t want to play with you – you’re a bully!” answered the smaller boy. The strong boy grew angry and he hit the smaller boy and took away his ball. The smaller boy ran home crying.

    The strong boy walked off with the ball. Part of him was glad that he had gotten his way but part of him felt very bad, for deep in his heart, he knew that no one liked him. He had no friends and he was all alone and very lonely.

    He took a walk out past the village to a far meadow. There he saw a most amazing sight. A snow white horse was standing in the meadow. The horse was so pure and white and shining in the sun that the boy could hardly look at it. The horse had a saddle and bridle that were beautifully decorated with gold and jewels. As the boy gazed at the horse in wonder, a man came up beside him and laid a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

    “You look like a fine strong young man.” spoke the stranger. The boy looked up into the man’s strong and beautiful face and said, “Yes, I am.”

    “That is a fine thing, “ said the man, “but I can see in your eyes that you have sometimes used your strength to hurt children smaller and weaker than yourself. That is certainly not the right way to use strength.”

    Now the boy felt ashamed and he did not know what to say.

    “Come with me.” said the man, who was dressed in a fine suit of armor that shone like gold, “Let me show you what real strength can do.”

    The knight took the boy by the hand and they walked to the next field. In the middle of the field was a boulder, a very large rock. The knight bent over the rock and began to push on it. The boy could see that it was very heavy and stuck in the ground. The knight pushed and pushed and soon he was able to rock the boulder a little bit. He rocked it and rocked it and suddenly – it rolled over! Right out of the ground. Then the knight stood up and drew his iron sword. With one swift and sure stroke of the blade the knight cracked the boulder in two! The boy saw that the great rock was hollow, like a cave and lined with shining and sparkling crystals! It was the most beautiful thing that the boy had ever seen.

    “Do you see?” asked the knight, “Strength can reveal beauty.”

    They walked farther. They came to another field in which a large flock of sheep were grazing. They soon heard a terrible sound. A mother sheep was bleating pitifully, “Baa – baa!” The boy saw that a great grey wolf was coming out of the forest at the edge of the field and that the lambs were in great danger.

    “Stay here!” commanded the knight. He drew his sword a second time and rushed into battle with the wolf. It was a terrible battle, such as you would not like to see. When it was over, the wolf lay dead. The knight washed himself and his sword at a crystal clear stream. He dried the sword and slipped it into its scabbard.

    When he returned, he spoke,

    “Even a wolf must eat. But this wolf was very sick and he killed all of the time, even when he was not hungry. The flocks were in great danger and also the villagers. I had to put a stop to it. Do you see? Strength can save. Come, there is one more thing that I wish to show you.”

    They returned to the white horse. The knight lifted the boy onto the horse’s back and mounted himself. Then, quite magically, the horse unfurled beautiful white wings. The boy turned his head and saw that the knight was really an angel with wings as well. They flew into the air. Higher and higher they flew until they came to a lovely country above the clouds. The boy could see golden castles shining in the distance. He also saw what appeared to be a huge green and red and brown mountain. But soon he realized that it was not a mountain at all, for it began to move! It lifted a great, scaly head and uncurled a long, spiky tail. It was a dragon! The dragon began to breathe out fire and smoke!

    The knight dismounted and told the boy to stay on the horse and he would be safe. Then he drew his sword for the third time. He waved it in the air and it shot out sparks of lightning through the sky. From every direction came hundreds of angel-knights. They were dressed in golden armor and they carried shining swords. They made a circle around the dragon and they all pointed their swords at him. The dragon lowered his head and slowly slithered far, far away. The knight returned to the boy, joined by several other angel-knights.

    “Why didn’t you kill the dragon?” asked the boy.

    “I have killed many dragons, my boy.” answered the knight, “But only when others are in danger. Today it was unnecessary and the dragon has gone back to his cave. Still, another time it may be necessary.”

    “ And we shall be there to help.” said one of the other angels, who had a lily-flower in his hand.

    “Yes, whenever Lord Michael calls, we are ready.” spoke another angel.

    “Who are you?” asked the boy.

    “ I am Gabriel, the angel of love.” answered the one with the flower.
    “I am Raphael, the angel of healing.” replied the one who spoke second.
    “We are the companions of Archangel Michael, the angel of strength and freedom.”

    “Whenever strength and freedom are joined with love and healing, all evil can be overcome and great things can happen!” added Gabriel.

    “We need to join with others to fight real enemies and overcome real dangers.” said Lord Michael, “ A good knight should never fight with his friends.”

    “I understand.” said the boy. “Whenever strength is joined with love and healing – great things can happen! I won’t forget!”

    Then Lord Michael mounted the winged horse and they flew together back to the earth, to the boy’s own home. Lord Michael bade the boy farewell and the boy promised to remember the angels’ lesson.

    “When you have learned to use your strength wisely and well, you will have a golden sword of your own.” said Lord Michael.

    “ I will try.” promised the boy.

    After that day, the boy learned to use his strength wisely and well. He asked the other children to give him another chance. He played the games fairly and kept himself under control. He did not hurt anyone. If someone bumped him hard, he held his hands tightly and did not hit back. And if someone tripped him accidentally, he held his feet and did not kick back. Soon the other children began to trust him.

    They played many happy games together and the strong boy had many friends. He was quick to protect those who could not protect themselves and the smaller children loved him. Other boys and girls soon joined him and they did many good deeds all through the village, helping people in every way that they could.

    Many years later, the boy and his friends grew up into fine men and women. They traveled far and side, doing great deeds and bringing much peace to the land. They were famous for their good deeds and their battles against evil. You may hear more stories about them when you are older. The boy found his own golden sword and he slew many dragons. And he always taught his knights,

    “When strength and freedom are joined with love and healing, all evil can be overcome and great things can happen!”

    2003 All Rights Reserved

  3. Sally Says:


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