Buddy For The Day

Today Miss Sky had special plans to go on a field trip with her Big Sis. They went to the Children’s Museum to see the King Tut exhibit before it left the city. Sky couldn’t have been more excited to go but to spend the day with her big sister was a special memory of its own. So that left Little Sis and I time to spend together. While fixing breakfast Little Sis rounds the corner with one of her favorite stories in hand ready with todays plans. She is quite capable of dictating orders of her own when Sky isn’t around. With one hand on her hip she informed me we needed to make some cookies to eat while reading her story. I asked her if she had any particular kind in mind. Chocolate chip was her reply as if  there was any other kind. So after breakfast and clean up Little Sis and I started baking. She was thrilled to have both beaters to herself  and commented on how jealous sissy will be to find out she had cookie dough. childrens museum 390

After storytime Little Sis decided we needed to build a mouse home.  The basket of blocks was brought out and we went straight to work.childrens museum 391Before we knew it Miss Sky was home sharing the details from her day. Little Sis couldn’t have been happier to have Miss Sky home but a quick chocolatey grin in my direction let me know she enjoyed our time together.


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