Building Up Our Immune System

Well yesterday I received news from Miss Sky’s drama teacher the H1N1 virus has hit the class. One of the students was diagnosed with the virus over the weekend. We missed last weeks class due to our nature exploring and decided after much thought we will pass up on tomorrows class as well. H1N1 virus can take up to 7 days to show its ugly side and am hoping it will be exposed by next weeks class. So with a tough flu season in store this year I thought I would write a post on what I have discovered to help build up our families immune system. I in no way have had any medical training  but just expressing my humble opinion to what has worked for us. We are a very holistic family and I strongly believe our bodies are fully capable of fighting off viruses naturally. I also use common sense and don’t like to tempt fate. Having strong white blood cells are the key factors to a healthy immune system. First off germs are not a bad thing and in my opinion we as a society give  the antibacterial companies way to fat a paycheck. I really like the example to strengthen our muscles we wouldn’t just sit on the couch , we would lift weights. Well to strengthen our immune system we shouldn’t bleach everything. Our bodies need to naturally build up protection. So what are some steps one can take to naturally keep healthy this season. The old saying you are what you eat could not be more true today. I love the quote I read from an article about whole foods. “If we are what we eat ,most of us are fast, cheap, and easy.”  The more processed food is the harder your immune system has to work to break down the foreign substances in our body. Miss Sky has made up a song she sings while traveling the outside isles of the grocery story. ” If you can’t read it, don’t eat it” and she is right. Stay away from trans fats , high fructose corn syrup, and MSG. Just say no to junk food.  Some natural foods that help strengthen our immune system are citrus fruits, carrots, yogurt, oysters, ginger, coconut oil, and taking a fish oil supplement or getting your servings of omega 3’s. Lots and lots of fresh garlic and onions they are natures antibiotics. I live by this to the point that my hands have permanently taken on their smell. Making your own chicken broth and using it to cook with instead of water when ever possible. Come fall I make soup once a week doubling up the recipes to store up the left overs for future use. Exercise, and trying not to get stressed. This is where yoga and meditation plays into my day as well as spiritual reading before bed that has really helped me cope with the ups and downs of life that may come my way.  Make sure to get plenty of sleep. This is when our cells repair and our immune system is restored. We shouldn’t need to use an alarm clock but have a rhythmic sleeping pattern. It saddens me to think how many children today are not getting the proper rest their bodies need. Getting lots of fresh air and at least 15 minutes of sunshine daily is another way of staying healthy. Another saying I like is There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.  I know to many of us this is just a reminder . My hope is for everyone to have a very heathly start to the new season.  Many blessings to all.


One Response to “Building Up Our Immune System”

  1. Kara Says:

    awesome post! I’m bookmarking this one 🙂

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