Our Day At The Farm(s)

To wrap up the block What Would The Farmer Do In The Fall? We took a field trip to visit one. Over the summer we found a local beef farm where we have been purchasing our meat http://www.englekingscountrybeefshop.com/index.html. Well one taste and there is no going back to store meat again. Not only is their beef and pork products  tasty  it feels so good knowing where our money is going. I love the fact that The Little’s get to know the people responsible for the food on our table. With winter coming we thought it would be a good time to start stocking up our meat supply. Before we knew it our beef farmer was telling us where we could buy the best chickens. I have been looking for a good poultry farm for a while and couldn’t have been more excited. So The Littles said good-by to the cows and with directions in hand we went out searching for some chicken. Up and down country roads we went , the farther out we got the more tempted we were not to come back.  Arriving at our destination the owners of the poultry farm came out to meet us. After playing with the turkey’s for a while we loaded up our cooler with chicken and put in our order for the Thanksgiving turkey.  Miss Sky asked all kinds of questions and in our conversation some how milk was brought up. See I have been looking for a place to buy “raw” milk for some time. Well of course they pointed us to their dairy farm 5 minutes down the road. I am quickly learning living out in the country you would not have to visit a grocery store.  We thanked the farmer for the chicken and the information, I loaded The Little’s up and off we went to the dairy farm. As soon as we pulled up I thought Miss Sky’s eyes were going to pop out of socket. After coming to a full stop I gave the ok and everyone hopped out to investigate. The farmers came out to shake our hand and asked The Little’s if they wanted to have a look around. He told them about the 2 week old calf that was born and took The Little’s around to see him. While Miss Sky fell in love mama loaded up on milk, butter , and cheese. I was so happy to finally taste fresh milk. I know now how little Laura Ingalls must have felt to have all this right at her finger tips. To my surprise The Little’s asked for seconds, something that would never happen at home. After explaining why the baby calf had to stay with his mother I finally got everyone strapped in and ready to go. There was one more stop on the agenda to swing by Waterman’s Farm to pick up our vegetables for the week. http://www.watermansfarmmarket.com/events.php With our vehicle stocked with fresh , local food it was time to head home to start on dinner and boy was it good.

Sukkot started Friday. With temps way to cold to eat outside our plans to build a sukkah fell thru but we will be talking about the holiday this up coming week. Wishing everyone a great weekend.


2 Responses to “Our Day At The Farm(s)”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Oh, I love all the options that we have with the nearby farms, and the farmers couldn’t be nicer! How blessed we are!

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