Oh That Nine Year Change

As Miss Sky’s birthday soon approaches I have noticed a change a brewing. There were subtle little hints thru the summer but the bomb has dropped this past month. My very sanguine child has become very melancholic what? “Oh I am so dumb, You don’t love me, Why can’t I do this like you, Nobody likes me.” The list goes on. Then she switches to crying like Little Sis if she doesn’t get her way, and the oh I need privacy thing. She has more mood swings then when I was pregnant. Each day I think of a good story to tell at bedtime and out of the blue  she says something completely opposite. My prayer time has taken on new meaning. http://www.waldorfinthehome.org/2005/01/parenting_the_nine_year_old.html  Thank goodness for Rahima Baldwin Dancy’s article. I try to remember to read whenever moments like these arise. After a longer meditation and prayer session this morning  I made bread pudding for breakfast served with apple and pear slices. After morning chores we joined together for circle time using the same verses and songs as yesterday. We are practicing lesson 3 on our penny whistles and it is mama who is in need of more practice this week. We transitioned into beanbag with the game of trying to make the beanbag in the basket with our foot. We continued counting by 2, 5, and 10 forwards then backwards. Then worked whole to parts first with times then divide. Day 2 of main lesson Miss Sky retold what I read about Sukkot yesterday and drew a picture in her MLB. Moving on to grammar I wrote out a poem on the board and Miss Sky read it ,then underlined all the compound nouns in the poem. I used the poem here http://www.carlscorner.us.com/CmpndWds/Fallpoem.pdf. I gave Miss Sky her new vocabulary list and she looked up the first 5 words on her list:











She underlined the nouns and told me which ones were abstract. I popped the lasagna I made last night (doubling to put one back in the freezer for future use) in the oven to be ready for lunch. Meanwhile I prepared the cornmeal trays for Miss Sky to practice her spelling words and her form for the week http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/3987467307/. We broke for our hour lunch and playtime. This week for story time I am reading one of The Little’s  fall favorites The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow getting us prepared for The Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie this month. Miss Sky continued reading The Mystery of the Case D. Luc. Sky is still working on Little Sis’s birthday presents and I am making new beanbags for our handwork. Many Blessings to all and a little extra for all the third grade mamas 🙂 .


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