The last few days have felt like I have spent time in the many Autumn poems I have read this month. It seems that each poem or verse starts with the words” the Autumn winds blow”. Man they sure have been.  We have had more downed tree limbs in the last month then the whole 9 years we’ve lived here. Sure it’s more firewood for us but I have taken a little more procaution when standing under the trees. This morning I slept in , my self-discipline must have been blown away by the wind because staying put under the warm covers just seemed the right thing to do.  This of course is alway better in theory. It seems to never fail giving  me the feeling of being behind for the rest of the day .I am very grateful to have a day off tomorrow for catching up. After mustering up a quick breakfast of bacon and eggs, and being thankful for no other chores but breakfast clean up we started our circle time. Reciting our same verses and songs as yesterday and continuing with lesson three of our penny whistles , making sure to make plenty of Autumn wind sounds, we transitioned into beanbag. I think Miss Sky’s brain went out with my self-discipline because she seemed to forget answers to problems we have been practicing all week. I figured I’d better stick with an easy review before she hurt herself. Day three of main lesson is writing the summary to her story from the week. This seemed to bring her back into focus and she dictated her sentences to me while I wrote them on the board for her to copy in her MLB I gave Miss Sky her pre spelling test and she copied the words she missed 5 times. I have been using the word attack skills I picked up form Mrs. Marsha’s waldorfinthehome e-group and in just this short time Sky has come such a long way in spelling. She is now sounding out the letters to the words herself. We looked up the rest of her vocabulary words in the dictionary and then practiced her form more in the air and on the board. For grammar I had Miss Sky come up with a poem on her own about fall using compound nouns. I wrote it on the board for her to copy I was quite impressed with what she came up with Then we went into the kitchen to play compound noun go fish (print out 2 copies on card stock to play). We finished up our school day with a fall watercolor painting I just made sandwiches for lunch with some carrot sticks and we took our break. I tried to squeeze in some quiet time to bring myself into focus. I read from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving while Sky worked on her handwork projects. She has 2 more to go before Little Sis’s birthday She read me her story from The Cul-De-Sac Kids. Hope everyone is having a great day.


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