Oh Sun Where Art Thou

Ok I have to start out by saying these bleak and dreary mornings are really making it hard for me to stay on focus. I already am missing the days when the sun’s rays gently awoke me from my slumber. They happily invited me to welcome the day. My days *here* lately have been  more filled with the crisp chilly air begging me to pull the covers up snuggly around my head and drift back to dreamland.  After losing the battle with myself I firmly planted my feet on the floor and started the day. I put another tally mark  towards the strengthening of my will and somehow managed my way through sun salutations(which is hard to do with no sun 🙂 ). This of corse always manages to do the trick bringing my focus back to the planning of the day. I get started on breakfast making a certain “Little’s” favorite walnut coffee cake. I know as soon as the cinnamon aroma drifts thru the air it will not be much longer till I am greeted by little voices singing the chant “Mom is great for making us coffee cake.” Hey it could happen. After bringing myself back into reality I prepared the meatball stew in the crock pot for lunch. I made up a double batch of meatballs Sunday and froze the other half to use for a future meal. Miss Sky and I cleaned up after breakfast and started circle time. I added the eye tracking verse Acorn and Oak found toward the bottom of this link http://www.yourfullpotential.net/page11.html. Little Sis loves the poem 5 little pumpkins and Miss Sky and I have been practicing the song Autumn Time is Coming as a round. We finished circle time with our penny whistle lesson. We transitioned into beanbag playing Simon says and I declared Miss Sky as the winner due to the fact I could not stump her. We  then reviewed more problems from all the 4 processes. Today was Miss Sky’s turn to re tell the story from her main lesson yesterday. She chose to put on a puppet show. childrens museum 419

 I was impressed with her added detail of “God promised not to flood the Earth again so he changed peoples language to make them spread out over the lands”. She then drew her picture for the story in her MLB. We worked on the second rule of making nouns plural, adding (es) to words ending with s, z, ch,sh,and x. She drew her picture of the rule in her grammar MLB. I gave Miss Sky her new vocabulary list for this week :











and she looked up the first 5 words in her dictionary. For spelling she practiced her words in corn meal while I slowly sounded out each letter. We also have been practicing jump rope inside for 5 minutes a day. I hope once she gets the hang of it she can jump rope while spelling out her words. She also worked on her form in the corn meal as well. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4009973284/. Miss Sky told her closing verse and we took our hour lunch/ free time. Today for story time Miss Sky read  and I started Pleasant Fieldmouse by Jan Wahl. I am wishing tomorrow brings with it some sunshine in hopes to give my “will” a little break.




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