Drama, Jenga, and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Miss Sky says thank you for all the birthday wishes. I am pretty sure she had a good day filled with phone calls and visits from loved ones.  The celebration continues tomorrow with special plans and visits from out-of-state family. Thank goodness todays plans didn’t include main lesson because Miss Sky’s mind is still focused on her birthday. For breakfast  today we had left overs from the week and started a short circle time singing only a few of our songs. It was time for Miss Sky’s spelling test and to write her form drawing from the week in her MLB. Then out we went to Miss Sky’s drama class. The last play Miss Sky had she was the little bird that had a broken wing and couldn’t fly south for winter.kids 1565This time she plays a snow maiden. I love Miss Sky’s drama teacher, she believes in letting the children’s imagination run the performance. She also believes in letting them come up with their costumes using things from around the house. Miss Sky had no problems coming up with her costume. childrens museum 431

In fact she was more than happy for the excuse to wear her leotard. Little Sis and I had a good time reading some of her favorite stories while we waited. Home again for our favorite part of the week, baking.childrens museum 432 I found a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe and thought we would give it a try using some of our pulp we roasted last week. I found the recipe from this lovely blog http://faeriedust2001.blogspot.com/2005_10_01_archive.html. childrens museum 433The only changes I made was I substituted I cup whole wheat pastry flour and used only 1 cup Rapadura sweetener. While the cookies baked I read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein in honor Miss Sky received a Japanese maple tree from her big sis for her birthday. We enjoyed our snack (very good) while playing a few games of Jenga tying in this weeks story  of The Tower of Babel.childrens museum 436

Man I love Fridays. Wishing everyone a very blessed weekend.


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