Sheep Street

The story of the Tower of Babel wrapped up our first Old Testament block. Starting Monday we will be starting our Shepard’s block with the story of Abraham. During this block we will also take a week to talk about How we came to be inside these clothes and will be introducing the fiber wool. We will be spinning and dyeing our own yarn. Miss Sky will be working with our yarn in her homemade knitting nell. Through a friend I learned of a sheep farm and we took a visit to get our supplies.childrens museum 474Of course Miss Sky went crazy for the sheep while mama went crazy inside. They even have classes which I am really looking forward to. I will be honest I am having trouble with this story. I now understand as an adult what the story of Abraham symbolizes but as a child this story terrified me. I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard this story and remember thinking what if God asks my parents to sacrifice me. I am really glad to have had the week to really meditate and let the story sink in. I will also be reading the story Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates for storytime during this block. As much as I am dragging my feet for this story I am really excited to try out my new toys.childrens museum 497


One Response to “Sheep Street”

  1. Julia Says:

    I love the idea of incorporating Abraham into a Shepard’s block! I am definitely stealing this– I got so excited I called my sheep farmer/waldorf homeschooler friend the moment I read it. I also look forward to hearing how you handle the story of Abraham–it’s one I struggle w/ too. Thanks.

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