Father Abraham Had Many Sons

Well today was the day to tell the story I have been nervous about. I started my day with yoga, prayer, and meditation. I ran the story over in my mind how I wanted it to flow. I have been debating about Hagar and Ishmael and finally decided to leave them out of the story to revisit later when Miss Sky in more able to comprehend. For breakfast today I made waffles and sausage while The Little’s started their morning chores. I prepared the chicken stock last night and had my veggies cut up and ready for the vegetable soup that would be our lunch today. Since it is my recipe I thought I would share. This makes a really big pot with lots left over to jar up and can or freeze.

10 cups stock( I use chicken)

28 oz can crushed tomatoes

4 carrots sliced in half then diced (I like bite size pieces)

3 stalks celery diced

4 potatoes diced into cubes

2 onions diced

Bring to a boil and let simmer on med low heat for about an hour. Then add

2 cups corn

2 cups peas

2 cups cooked white beans(or of choice)

half head of cabbage diced(don’t have to , we just had some to use up)

Salt and pepper to taste

Simmer for 30 minutes and serve  goes really well with crusty french bread (yum).

After breakfast clean up we started circle time. For this week I added the song Father Abraham http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/f033.html. The Little’s loved doing the actions to the song. We moved on to lesson 4 with our penny whistles and I did a simple math review with the 4 processes during beanbag adding in some mental math problems. It was time for main lesson. I told the story of Abraham http://www.mainlesson.com/display.php?author=steedman&book=nurserybible&story=abraham. I liked this story but also added in more details from scripture minus Hagar and Ishmael. I put more focus on their journey to the land God promised. Miss Sky couldn’t look at me during the sacrifice part and got a little choked up. I have to wait till tomorrow  to see what she took from the story. It was really hard no matter how much I tried to play down this part of the story. Then I gave Miss Sky her new spelling words.
















She wrote them twice in her MLB and we clapped each letter to the words out. For grammar we worked on rule number 4 making plural nouns, changing f or fe into v(es). Miss Sky drew her picture in her MLB. Our form drawing  lesson includes a mirror image that looks like the fluffy sheep’s wool. We practiced in the air , on our backs, then on the board. We finished up main lesson by modeling Abraham,Sarah, baby Issac, and some sheep with beeswax.http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4047344119/ 

We took our hour lunch/break then I read Moses the Kitten from James Herriot’s Treasury for Children while she worked on gingerbread man cookies for Little Sis. Miss Sky wanted to read The White Stallion by Elizabeth Shub again while I worked on my handwork project. Wishing everyone a happy Monday.


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