“No Puppet Show Today”

I awoke this morning to another dark rainy day here in the Hoosier state. The soft sound of the rain gently falling outside my window beckoned me to pull the covers tightly up around my head and drift back to sleep. I found myself staying up way to late these last few days pondering the many thoughts I have running through my mind. I feel distracted and can’t quite put my finger on why. It is times like this I am very grateful to have a solid school rhythm that seems to just flow on its own. The stiffness that seemed to follow me down the hallway informed me I was in need of a good stretch ,or a new mattress. I settled on the first and tried to focus my mind on the day ahead. I made apple strudel muffins for breakfast and was glad to have my spaghetti sauce and meatballs already made to toss in the crock pot for todays lunch. Miss Sky helped with morning clean up and informed me today she was not going to do a puppet show for her retelling of yesterdays story. I told her that was ok and poked around to see why. A shrug of the shoulders was all she had to say. It was time to light our morning candle and start circle time. I sang the transition song We’ll All Join In A Circle, then we said our morning prayer. We sang our morning songs Good Morning Dear Earth and Buenos Dias. Then we recited our verses I Can Turn Myself, October, We Are Straight and Strong, I Wake Myself, Chip Chop,and The Acorn and Oak. Next we sang Father Abraham (with lots of giggles), Did our Pumpkins fingerplay along with 5 Little Pumpkins.We sang The Pumpkin Song and Miss Sky and I sang Mr. Pumpkin as a round. Then we sang Little Sis’s favorite Pumpkin Time ,she awaits anxiously to shout BOO at the end. Next was The Pumpkin, Pumpkin song and we ended circle time with Autumn Time Is Coming again as a round. I transitioned into pennywhistle by playing Nolan’s Tune from Jodie Mesler’s music curriculum and we worked on lesson 4 from the book. Today for beanbag we did something different we clapped out the times tables starting with 5’s We clapped twice saying 5, 10 and Miss Sky said 5×2 is 10. We clapped 4 times saying 5, 10, 15, 20 and Miss Sky said 5×4 is 20 and so on. It was time for main lesson. Miss Sky impressed me by telling the story back almost in the same manner I told it. She added in all the details of Abraham’s tent and how they packed up all their belongings to go to the place God had planned for them. She retold the part of the dreaded sacrifice stressing the halt of Abraham’s hand. It feels really good to see a blooming storyteller in the works. Miss Sky copied her picture in her MLB. Little Sis drew her picture too http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4051232633/. For grammar I taught Miss Sky irregular plural nouns and she drew her picture in her MLB http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4051231755/. Then I wrote her new vocabulary words on the board.











She looked up the first 5 words in her dictionary. Today Miss Sky practiced her spelling words and this weeks form drawing in corn meal http://www.flickr.com/photos/24734949@N04/4051978126/. We took our hour lunch/ break and finished up the school day with story time and handwork. I read the story Only One Woof from James Herriot’s Treasury for children and Miss Sky read chapters 1-3 from Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery. Hope everyone else had a great day. 



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