Your Descendants Will Be As Numerous As The Stars

Today I awoke with a much clearer mind. Whatever was bothering me must have worked itself out in my sleep. I got out of bed eager to get the morning started. After focusing on my inner work I started breakfast making breakfast burritos and cut up all the veggies I would need for jambalaya later. Little Sis helped set the table while Miss Sky poured the juice. After morning chores Miss Sky lit our morning candle and we sang our transition song for circle time. After singing our songs we practiced lesson 4 on the penny whistle. Then we continued our clapping game working on our 2 times table. First clapping once saying 2 at the same time then pause and say 1 then clapping twice saying 2, 4 again pause to say 2 . We continue thru 12 then I clap 3 times and say 2, 4, 6 Miss Sky says 6 is 2×3. I also added in some mental math problems like Abraham has 5 sheep and 2 got out of their pen. Abraham journeyed out to find his sheep meanwhile he found 4 sheep grazing along with his 2. Bringing all the sheep back to his pen how many sheep does Abraham now have? Today for main lesson Miss Sky told me what part of this weeks story really stuck with her. I wrote what she said on the board and she copied it down in her MLB Then for grammar I asked Miss Sky to underline all the nouns from her spelling list. She informed me they were all nouns. I asked her to circle all the nouns from her list that were plural. She pointed out sheep could be both plural and singular. Then working with the rules we learned these last 2 weeks I had her make the singular nouns plural. She found out donkey does not follow the rules. She finished looking up her vocabulary words and practiced her form drawing on her little chalk board. Today we used the game bananagrams to practice her spelling words.childrens museum 508We wrapped up our main lesson painting wet on wet with water colors. I tied the painting into the story reading the verse from Genesis 22:17 ” your descendants will be as numerous as the stars.”

We took our hour break and finished up with handwork and story time. I read Bonny’s Big Day from James Herriot’s treasury for children. Miss Sky read chapters 4-6 from Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery. Wishing everyone a blessed day.


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