Audio Books and Handwork

Thursdays is our day to run errands and to catch up on any chores we might have left out. The Little’s on the other hand had other plans in mind. They came to me with a pattern.childrens museum 513We have been loving the audio books from but The Little’s have taken to one in particular Yes it has been in rotation everyday this week so you think I wouldn’t have been surprised with their request. We started down the hall to look at what supplies I had on hand for the task. Both Little’s picked out what they wanted and went straight to work on their project.childrens museum 514Meanwhile you can only guess what was playing in the background as Miss Sky and I worked on our stitcheschildrens museum 515

The project was finished just in time for bedtime snuggles.childrens museum 516


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    […] I truly enjoy. This is where I have placed my focus in teaching handwork to The Little’s. Again I myself get lost in all the beautiful gift […]

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