Another Baking Day

This morning I awoke to the sweet fragrant smell of apples cooking throughout the house. Yesterday before our “Little” project I managed to cut up some apples for apple butter in the crock pot. I  followed the aroma into the kitchen to see how it was coming along and somehow tried to focus my mind to the day ahead. Today there was no drama class due to Miss Sky’s teacher was out-of-town. For breakfast I made bacon, eggs, and potatoes. I guess I wasn’t the only one effected by the aroma flowing through the air because I turned around to see a pair of little noses making their way into the kitchen sniffing the air. After our morning chores we started circle time singing our pumpkin songs for the last time. Then it was time for Miss Sky’s spelling test . She also drew this weeks form in her MLB. We went ahead and took our break and I gave the Little’s a some extra playtime while I started the chilli for our lunch. After lunch we started this weeks baking project. childrens museum 518

We were going to make sheep cupcakes. While these babies cooled I read the story Smudge, The Little Lost Lamb from James Harriot’s treasury for children and Miss Sky finished Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery. We iced up our cupcakes and I really have to give Naturally Nora’s vanilla icing two thumbs up. It is the first time the icing hasn’t put us in sugar shock. It was also time to jar up the apple butter. All in all it was a great day spent at home just enjoying each others company.childrens museum 523

Next week’s story is Jacob and Esau. Wishing everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween.


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