Two Brothers

After a fun festive weekend it is time for me to focus back to this weeks lesson. This morning I woke up before The Little’s and welcomed a quiet house and started my meditation, prayer and yoga.  Afterwards I went through “waking up” the house by opening the blinds letting in  rays of sunlight to gently awaken “Little” sleepers to the day. I started on breakfast while the Little’s started their morning chores. I made pancakes and bacon served with pear sauce the Little’s and I worked on over the weekend. I also cut up  my veggies for the northern bean soup and it let simmer till lunch time. Miss Sky helped me with clean up and it was time to lite the candle for circle time. After singing our transition song I read the poem November from A Child’s Calendar by John Updike welcoming the new month. We said our prayer and sang our morning songs followed by our verses. For this months circle time our seasonal songs are Over The River and Through The Woods and The Leaves (to the tune The Wheels on the Bus). We sang Autumn Leaves (tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb), Leaves are twirling ,again as a round, The Squirrel Song, and Scarecrow ,Scarecrow (like Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear). We worked on the fingerplays Autumn Leaves Are Floating Down,5 Red Leaves, and 5 Little Leaves. For our penny whistle lesson we our learning a Saint Martin song I found searching the archives of Mrs. Marsha’s Waldorfhomeeducaters yahoo e-group. It is post #104 if anyone is interested. She has the letters for the notes with the song. Martinmas is November 11.We worked on our clapping game for the 2, 5, and 10 times tables today for beanbag. Then Miss Sky practiced a few addition and subtraction problems. She also worked on a few mental math problems.  Our story for today’s main lesson is The two Brothers, Jacob And Esau I started the story with how Isaac took Rebekah as his wife then told the rest of the story.Then I gave Miss Sky her spelling words for the week.
















Miss Sky read then off the board and we marched out the spelling of each one. Then she copied them twice in her MLB. Next for grammar I explained what a collective noun was and she drew her picture in her grammar MLB I tied this weeks form drawing to the part of the story Jacob dreamed a stairway to heaven. Instead of beeswax this week we made pinch pots tying in the story from the pot of stew Esau traded Jacob his birthright for

You can find instructions here We will paint them tomorrow.

We took our hour lunch break then finished up the day with storytime and handwork. Miss Sky started the story A Horse Named Doodlebug by Irene Brady and I started Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday.


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