Almost 4 Years Old

Another autumn day is coming to an end ,and for a certain Little one it could not be soon enough. Tomorrow Little Sis will turn 4 years old. As I sit here I am wondering how this could be. Was it not yesterday when I first held her in my arms. The changes that seem to have happen overnight. Her play is becoming more structured now. My nights have often been filled with little cups of tea and warm bowls of soup. Her need to imitate has flowed over into our school time with her writing and drawings. Many days you can hear songs from the day coming out of the schoolroom while she is working on some important project. childrens museum 472I truly feel blessed to be able to watch the unfolding of my little girl taking place exactly how it should be. During this mornings meditation time I found my mind wondering to tomorrow. So I went ahead and started breakfast making a “a big bowl of grits” with bacon. It happens to be a certain Little’s favorite. We cleaned up the breakfast mess and started circle time and are still working on The St. Martin song with our penny whistles.We continued  clapping the times tables ,for beanbag, this has really worked well and I will continue this with the rest of the tables.  It was Miss Sky’s turn to come up with her summary from this weeks story. I copied what she told me on the board for her to copy in her MLB. Miss Sky looked up the rest of her vocabulary words in her dictionary and she practiced this weeks form on her mini chalk board. She used bananagrams to spell out her spelling words. Instead of watercolor this week we painted our bowls we made earlier this week. Papa still needs to decorate his. We took our hour lunch break having homemade pizza and finished up the school day with storytime. Miss Sky finished A Horse Named Doodlebug and I continued reading Mountain Born.

Many blessings to all


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