Martinmas Links

With Martinmas swiftly approaching I thought I would share some story links. We celebrate Martinmas November 11. This day is usually celebrated by making lanterns and going for a brisk walk when darkness falls. The light of our lanterns shine in the darkness like the deed of St. Martin’s actions.Here are some links to 2 stories of St Martin. This one can be found  under the story of The Festival Of Stones.

This web site has a great paper lantern tutorial

And this lovely blog has some songs with the tune and lyrics

Hope they can be helpful for the up coming celebration.We ourselves are brainstorming a way we ,as a family, can share some warmth this coming season. Miss Sky has come up with the plan to make some scarfs for a local shelter there is a wonderful pattern at this cute blog And here

Now on to the plans from the day. These last few days I have really enjoyed the sunlight shining through my bedroom window waking me from my sleep. As the clocks have been turned back an hour the sun greets me a little earlier. Today after sun salutations and running the days flow through my mind I fixed walnut coffee cake for breakfast. While the coffee cake cooled I put the meatloaf I made  the previous night in the oven to be ready for sandwiches at lunch time.  After morning clean up we started circle time singing the same songs as yesterday. The Little’s really like 5  Leaves and Scarecrow, Scarecrow. Speaking of Martinmas we continued working on our song with our penny whistles. It is coming along nicely and the tune really sticks with you. We continued with our clapping game for the times tables during beanbag working whole to parts. Today for main lesson Miss Sky did a puppet show. This story has really stuck with her. She talked about it all night and asked “Why couldn’t Esau just share his birthright?” “That’s what I would do with my sisters.” “Would it not have been easier? Why ruin  your relationship with your brother over stuff ?” I have to say I have been really surprised by the depth Miss Sky has taken some of these stories .It just proves to me again how spot on Steiner was with his curriculum. After her puppet show she drew her picture in her MLB. I gave Miss Sky her vocabulary words for the week:











She looked up the first 5 words in her dictionary. This week for grammar we will review everything she has learned about nouns using her spelling and vocabulary words. Then we can finally move on to verbs. We practiced her spelling words and form drawing in corn meal then took our hour break. For storytime Miss Sky continued reading chapters 2-4 of A Horse named Doodlebug. Miss Sky is really liking Mountain Born and hanging on my every word. I love when a story can just sweep you in. I hope the ending isn’t to sad for her. Last year I read Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner to tie in with heros ( I mean animals can be heros too) and it about tore us up. The story has definitely lived in our hearts though.

Happy Tuesday


3 Responses to “Martinmas Links”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Thank you for sharing and what a lovely blog. We are planning to celebrate Martinmas this year – tell the story, make lanterns and walk around our pond at dusk.
    Warm wishes.

  2. St Martin, Wears A Warm Red Cloak « Our Journey 'Round the Mulberry Bush Says:

    […] much more than what meets the eye. I thought I would post a few ideas for this weeks celebrations. Here are some links I posted from last year. Here is the beautiful story I share with The Little’s before we make […]

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